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R/C Sports Car Transformer?!

RC Car

A Japanese Robotics Research group named Brave Robots revealed a preview of an R/C sports car that transforms into a humanoid robot.

The group will be presenting the 1/12th scale prototype during the upcoming Maker Faire in Tokyo that begins December 1st. The r/c car is operated using a modified PS3 controller, has a missile launcher in each arm, and a wireless camera that can feed into mobile devices like the iPad.

The team, led by Kenji Ishida, has worked through several iterations of the robot design over the past decade until finally creating the Brave Robot that switches from effortlessly from car to robot and back again. The bot will be available for sale, the first production run will produce on 10 of the bots each coming with it’s own custom case. The budding company also has plans to make a 1/8 scale version of the car by next year and a 1/5 scale by 2015.

Maybe one of these days the robot enthusiasts might be able to make a full scale version of the car, to the delight of rich folk around the world.


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