r/Creepshots just won’t die


It’s been said that once you ban a subreddit, two return in it’s place. This can be said of the recently shutdown r/Creepshots, as two subreddits with redditors pretending to be part of the LGBTQ communtity have cropped up to replace the deleted forum.

Just this past month, a forum known as r/Creepshots garnered a significant amount of media attention when a high school instructor was arrested for posting photos of his underage students. As a result, the forum was shutdown due to the intense media scrutiny it garnered and also due to the fact that users could not guarantee that the photos being posted were not of minors.

However, just a few weeks later a group from another forum named r/actuallesbians has alerted the media to the new creepshot forums. The forums are not only posting photos of unsuspecting women, but are mocking the LGBTQ community in the process. The first of the forums is r/CandidFashionPolice where users post candid photos of woman and judge their fashion choices. The rules of the subreddit include “Speak like a sassy Diva when commenting or posting.” and have several similar photos that were once on r/Creepshots.

Also, many of the photos that were once on r/Creepshots have also been posted to r/Cshots (a subreddit touted as a lesbian forum) with graphic headlines that wouldn’t be considered inappropriate no matter what the gender or sexual orientation of the poster was.

Not only that but a fan of the former r/Creepshots and well known redditor, POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS  is a moderator for both of the forums. Other moderators from both forums have been spamming several subreddits with links to the two forums stating “r/creepshots is gone but now there is r/CandidFashionPolice where we can take candid photos of women and judge them on their fashion choices”

Understandably users that are part of the LGBTQ community are offended by the actions of their fellow Redditors  have chosen to take . As a result of the recent attention that this situation has given Reddit, user POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS has been banned, and the forum r/Cshots subreddit has also been closed.


Nation the photos being posted aren’t pornographic in any way nor are the titles they’re being posted under, is it still wrong for them to be used like this?


  1. I actually think it’s more wrong with just the way women are dressing, don’t get me wrong, though, I’m all for women expressing themselves in the manner they so desire. But how much they reveal for creepshots is on them, if they don’t like how much they’re revealing, they should fix that. Perverts will always exist, they’re not a problem that can be fixed.. Also, people talking about other people behind their back, even about clothing, has been happening forever, pretty much.

    1. Just because things like perverts always existing, or stuff happening behind people’s back being a normal thing – it doesn’t make it right. If it is to the point that it’s so common that it’s expected, then there’s something wrong and people need to rethink what’s going on.

  2. We grow up in a world where we’re told we can be whoever we want to be – how we dress shouldn’t affect that. That’s why things like the “slut walk” were invented. You shouldn’t be treated badly because you choose to dress in a certain way. You also shouldn’t be judged by complete strangers for how you decide to present yourself – especially without your knowledge. I’m against people taking pictures of others without their knowledge and using it for any reason, but these reddits aren’t any worse than something like People of Wal-Mart (except these have a more voyeuristic feel to them).

  3. It’s more wrong for a woman to dress however she wants than someone to take secret pictures of her? That is terrible. This is the kind of thing that perpetuates rape culture. Oh, if you don’t want to be preyed on, you should dress different. Hm, how about we work harder to instill a better sense of morality in our culture than shame women for dressing a certain way. The excuse that there will always be perverts, always be rapists, always be creepjobs is a bad one. It should not discourage us from trying to teach our sons, daughters, friends, and family how to treat a human being the best that we can.

    Though the photos aren’t pornographic, it’s still a shitty thing to do. It would make me uncomfortable if there were pictures of me online that I didn’t know about and people judging me like a bunch of dicks with nothing better to do. It would make ANYONE uncomfortable, just put yourself in that position!

    Look, if you don’t like someone’s outfit, elbow your friend and quietly say something mean to them like a normal human being and then LET IT GO (or just try not to be such an asshole in general and not judge people by their appearance). Don’t take a picture of a stranger and then put it on the internet to have others tear them down for their clothes, you big lame weiner.

    1. You had me at “big lame weiner”
      No, really though. If you expect people to change based off of your preference, you’re going to have a bad time. These people aren’t bad people, they just have different interests than you or I. You might do things these people find you creepy for. As for cameras, cameras are everywhere now a days. Between cellphones and digital cameras, there’s a lot of opportunity for someone to snap a photo without someone noticing. Yes, the world is terrible. There’s not enough good samaritans to make a difference though, it’s a futile cause. This is why anonymity is important. They just want to do and talk about what they love, which is look at creepy photos of girls on the internet. Let them be. We shouldn’t shame these people for their interests just as people shouldn’t shame you for yours, creepy, or not creepy. If you don’t like that the internet is a place for everyone to express their interests, that’s unfortunate for you.

    2. I hear what you’re saying but anyone who dresses in a way that says, “look at me”, can’t get mad if people look. Cameras are EVRYWHERE! If you step outside your house, you’re already on camera. If you don’t like it, travel back in time.
      If you’re so against the whole idea, practice what you preech. Throw away all your celebrity gossip magazines, stop listening to radio, throw out your TV and get rid of the Internet. More than half of what you look at it or read is about people who have not given express permission to be exploited for our (in this case, ‘your’) entertanment. If you give up all the afore mentioned, then and only then, will you have a legitimate argument.

  4. Reddit is good for so many things, this just isn’t one of them and is beyond creepy.

  5. This is one of the massive downsides of living in such a massively wired world. People, myself included, walk around with cameras 24/7. The new generation of phones make it a snap (pardon the pun) to take a photo and uploaded to the internet for all the masses to admire.

    The internet has made it ridiculously easy for a person to express there opinion in a very public manner. Unfortunately, that does create people voicing there less than sociable notions and opinions about other human beings.

    I am not sure if I think it’s wrong…I think that it’s one of those potentially dangerous gray areas of the internet because the age of the ladies being photographed cannot be ascertained.

    I believe that when a person chooses to cross the line from harmlessly creepy to illegal they should be punished accordingly, but I don’t think that the trend as a whole should be stopped because a small group of people are making really stupid decisions.

  6. I actually liked POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS… He was kinda funny in his comments. I still can’t believe that he did this

  7. My response to all of this is I dont think its right to judge anyone even the creepers. Because deep down everyone is a creep. Just some people take the thoughts and ignore them but everyone sees someone and doesnt want to stop looking whether they should o bot but eventually decide they should so they do. Well now picture you have the ability to be invisible. What then would you do?

  8. This is just weird, creepy and wrong.. What is wrong with people? How about instead of taking photos of people, go up and say hello to them. How insecure and low are these people and why is it so popular?

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