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Reddit Helps Man Catch Tumor Early


Reddit Helps Man Catch Tumor Early

Last week, a redditor by the name of “CappnPoopdeck” posted a rage comic about a male friend of hers finding an unused pregnancy test an exgirlfriend had left behind at his house. The redditor’s friend took the test as a joke and was floored when it came up positive. Thinking it was a hilarious coincidence, CappnPoopdeck took to the interwebs to gather sweet karma off her friend’s experience. The joke turned incredibly serious, though, after some redditors responded that the false positive on the pregnancy test could signal the first stages of testicular cancer.

Pregnancy tests react to hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is released while a placenta develops. HCG is also released by some forms of cancer, hence the false positive. After seeing the reaction to her comic, CappnPoopdeck assured the community that she’d urge her friend to get tested right away. A couple days later, she made another comic in which she said her friend had gone to the doctor and a small tumor had indeed been discovered.

Thankfully, the tumor was caught early, and according to CappnPoopdeck, he’ll make a full recovery. I’ve been a redditor for quite sometime, and I’ve seen reddit do some crazy things – some good, some bad – but this is a perfect example of how amazing an online community can be, and it makes me proud to be a redditor.