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Ridiculously Good-Looking Surgery Baby Meme!


Joey Powling Jr

Clearly I am covering a story about an adorable baby that had just been through open heart surgery cause its a story close to my heart. 🙂 Unlike most memes featuring political satire or social commentary this one might be the most touching ever. The meme of the “ridiculously good-looking surgery baby” featuring a 3 month old named Joey Powling Jr. is the prime example of the awesomeness that the internet can take on sometimes.

The insanity happened when Joey’s uncle posted a picture of his 3 month old nephew to the site Reddit with the caption “ridiculously good looking surgery baby.”

The picture was of Joey Jr. looking adorable and content, despite just going through a ridiculously difficult open heart surgery and displaying the viscous scar without a care in the world. Just look at that face, the kids been through an ordeal and he manages to make you melt in an instant.

Maybe that’s why in an instant the delightful baby spawned tons of hilarious and amazing memes. From how seemingly badass he was for rocking his chest scar – chicks dig scars, to the countless comments about his perfect little smile.

The hilarious one-liners and jokes were maybe just that much more poignant because of the obvious dichotomy between the jokes and the very serious surgery and diagnosis of the surgery he had just been through.

Joey’s parents said that even though their son’s online notoriety feels strange they are “tickled” by it, and the comments praising Joey have helped the family get through the crisis.

Joey and I share something besides our taste in soft blankets… we have one of the same diagnosis Tetralogy of Fallot, essentially creates a hole in the heart, among other symptoms. I had my first open heart surgery at 11 days and the next at 13 months.  Now I’m not so sure I had that same smile at the time, I do know that I had similar parents, the kind of parents that are by the side of their child 24/7.

They’ll teach him that he’s special, not handicap. They’ll teach him that the red scar that’ll be emblazoned on his chest is a badge of honor and a constant reminder that he worked hard to be here. And they’ll teach him to take that charm and delight that he’s already using and use it to be a wonderful reminder that every day is precious.  Or at least they should, because that’s what mine did and every day I feel blessed by them.

To Joey:  keep your head up, ’cause it’s freaking adorable! For more memes of this handsome baby go here!