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Ronald McDonald Breaks Restraining Order at McDonald’s


Ronald McDonald Breaks Restraining Order at McDonald’s, not the mascot mind you, after following his wife into McDonald’s restaurant.

I know I can’t be the only child who had nightmares of Ronald McDonald when I was growing up. With a prenatal fear of clowns and brothers that exploited that fear, Ronald and I haven’t been able to see eye-to-eye. This past week, Ronald McDonald was asked to leave one of the McDonald’s establishment after getting in some trouble with the law! Although the Ronald McDonald that was asked to leave the restaurant is not related in any way to the mascot, but I must admit I was smiling a bit when I heard the news.

Ronald McDonald, a 50-year-old englishman, had a restraining order filied against him by his wife for assaulting her and a female friend on September 11th. The retraining order did however allow for Ronald to enter his wife’s house when she was not home, but he could not smoke or drink in the house and could not communicate with her.

On September 16th, McDonald was forced out of his wife’s house because of giving his 16-year-old son a beer. Then on October 15th, Ronald texted his wife, violating the restraing order. On October 26th, Ronald followed his wife around a few city blocks and then into the McDonald’s establishment.

McDonald was taken into custody where he admitted to the crimes and regets making those decisions, while the court staff had to stifle their laughter. McDonald got an 86-day suspension sentence. Too bad the mascot couldn’t get the same sentence!



Who else is afraid of clowns?