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Rosie Jones and the Page 3 Girls are so HOT!

Rosie Jones and the Page 3 Girls Are so HOT


People are trying to ban The Sun’s scandalous Page 3 in the UK, and Rosie Jones has got something to say about it!

Page 3 is the page in The Sun that features a photo of a topless woman each day of the week, and now people are campaigning to get rid of it.

The conservatives looking to remove the page have a twitter account named @NoMorePage3 and have even created a change.org petition that is actually gaining some steam. However, the Page 3 girls aren’t taking this lying down (pun intended).

Many of the Page 3 girls are responding via twitter using the hashtag #SupportPage3 and it’s apparent figurehead is none other than the smoking hot: Rosie Jones. Support Page 3 now has it’s own change.org petition and a Facebook support page.

You can check out the hot Rosie Jones and the Page 3 girls in the gallery below:

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British Model Natalie Denning in Her 'Bunny Suit'leilani_dowding_pink_6_big leilani-dowding-05
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