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Salvation Army Rep: Gays Deserve To Die


That may seem like a sensationalist title, but I honestly don’t know how else to slice it. In an interview with two gay Australian journalists, Major Andrew Craibe straight up gave confirmation that the Salvation Army’s belief system includes the idea that homosexual people deserve to die.

When Serena Ryan asked on her and Pete Dillion’s Salt and Pepper Show in Australia if she, as a lesbian, deserved to die, this was Craibe’s Akin/Murdock-y response:

You know, we have an alignment to the Scriptures, but that’s our belief.

That didn’t go over very well. Almost immediately the Salvation Army distanced themselves from Craibe’s remarks, calling them “regrettable.” Not “wrong.” Not “bigoted.” Just, hey, we regret that he was so brutally honest in laying it out. 

Salvation Army spokesman Major Bruce Harmer said that they do “not believe, and would never endorse, a view that homosexual activity should result in any form of physical punishment.” He noted that the passage in the handbook, which borrows heavily from the Book of Romans, referred to “spiritual” death. 

So, you don’t deserve to die for being gay. But you will go to eternal torture for it when you go peacefully in your sleep.

Anyway, that’s not the only storm the Salvation Army’s got to deal with. AP reports that the former executive director of a major facility is being charged in the theft of thousands of toys and donations from their Toronto warehouse.

Over two years, the Salvation Army reported, over 100,000 items had been stolen that’s overall worth upwards of $2 million. David Rennie, 51, has been charged with the theft.

Police found that the items had been moved to another warehouse in Toronto. I’ll assume he meant to sell the stock off for his own ends.

So, yeah, lotta people going to hell.

Question: Should the Salvation Army retract the anti-gay passage in their handbook?