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When Christopher Lloyd introduces it, you know it’s gotta be real!

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Put A GoPro On A Pelican And See What Happens!

After a Tanzanian storm, a pelican was separated from its flock and washed ashore.


Hyperrealistic Ad In Sweden Will Blow You Away!

A clever outdoor ad from Sweden uses a bit of technology to transcend the limits of traditional advertising.


Apparently, Sex Makes You Smarter!

Hold on just a minute, let’s get the facts straight before you go humping for joy!


The Secret Behind Sriracha

In case you didn’t know what was in the liquid magic you’ve likely been ingesting for years, here’s a peak into the secret behind the highly coveted sauce.


Who Knew Space Smells Like That?!

Didjaknow brings us a whole slew of awesome space facts to amaze our friends with!

Science Vs Religion

Religion Vs. Science (Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham)

Here is the deal. Very few are going to believe anything different after watching this video, but those on the fence may have a more solid foundation to build on. I gave up long ago on the idea that it was my job to bring people to my way of thinking. Some people need to

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The Image That Can Break Your Brain

The McCollough Effect alters the way your brain perceives information, and can do so for up to three months! Now you’ll know what its like to be color blind.


Trick Your Body Into Feeling Well Rested!

When was the last time you got a full, uninterrupted, 8 hours of sleep? If your answer is just to laugh hysterically at the question, then there may be a solution to your post-no-sleep problem of feeling exhausted. According to a recent study, if you think you’ve gotten plenty sleep, your work performance during the

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Channel of the Week: Furrocious

That Persian cat that you think is just unbearably sweet, is actually a venomous creature with claws waiting to pounce on you and steal your very soul, and Falzone is here to warn you all about it. The newly launched channel, Furrocious, takes us on a journey through all of our favorite cuddly creatures to

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How Cooking Will Change Your Life

The RSA, a charity focused on solving big problems by unleashing the human potential for enterprise and creativity, produced this short film about cooking, and how it can change your life!


Genius Kid Invents Sandless Bag for Flood Prevention

12-year old Peyton Robertson won the 2013 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge with his ‘sandless’ bag that was created to keep flood waters out! The bag is filled with a reusable expanding polymer that is denser than salt water, and prevents flooding better than conventional sandbags. The little genius has 3 patents pending, including