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Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex Plunges Temperatures!

Polar Vortex Plunges Temperatures!

Most of the U.S. has been suffering from the coldest weather seen in years, and it’s being caused by the phenomenon known as the Polar Vortex. The Polar Vortex is a swirling cyclone of super cold air that’s hovering thousands of feet above the U.S. and Canada. NBC News’ Al Roker described it as a

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This Video Will Cause You Pain!

CGP Grey delves into the world of the ‘Nocebo’ and what that means for people who strongly believe they are being affected by something.


Will 3D Printing Change Everything?!

This short vid breaks down the basics of 3D printing and delves into where we can see it going in the near, and not so near future. 3D printing has been a buzz topic recently as the technology has grown rapidly since its inception. The talk of commercial success, as well as using the 3D


8 Facts You Need To Know

Here are 8 facts you need to know if you’re ever in an unlikely situation…which lets be honest…is super likely you big weirdo.

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Teaching an Old Orangutan, New Lingo

Azy the Orangutan has been working with tutor, Robert Shumaker, at the Indianapolis Zoo to learn a system of shapes used to express objects and actions. With a remarkable long term memory and keen ability to differentiate between patterns, Orangutans are able to associate specific shapes with definitions. Azy himself has already been able to


Why Teens Are So Impulsive

Did you ever wonder why teenagers impulsively do stupid things all the time? Well, scientists have discovered that immaturity might not be the only reason. Teenagers, especially adolescent males, tend to commit more crimes than adults, and seem to court danger more often than their female counterparts. Some people think immaturity plays a role in this

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Electrocution For Dummies!

Hollywood movies often misrepresent electrocution, so “professional dumbass” Mehdi Sadaghdar breaks it down for us! It was terrifying to watch him put his fingers into the electrically charged water! I was so sure he would be electrocuted as a result. What is a common movie misconceptions that you know of? Tell us about it in

Baby Pandas

Giant Baby Panda Twins’ 100 Day Timelapse!

Mei Lun and Mei Huan are the first surviving pair of giant panda twins born in the U.S., and this timelapse was created to commemorate their precious first 100 days on Earth! Today I learned that wherever there is black fur on a Panda, it’s skin underneath is also black! In case you’d like to keep

Mean Girls

Being “Mean” Is An Evolved Skill?!

A study published by the Royal Society explored the scientific basis for “competition and aggression” between women, and found that women likely evolved to be mean to each other! “Mean Girls” seems to have caught on to what scientists took forever to study! The whole journal issue was dedicated to the theme and invited international


Tesla Coil Plays Sail By AWOLNation!

The combination of science and music is always a beautiful thing! This is audio-modulated Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil (DRSSTC) premiered at Maker Faire KC 2013, and plays a gorgeous rendition of AWOLNation’s Sail! The whole setup pulls about 2Kw, which seems low considering that they’re generating lightning! What other songs do you think

Breasts Age Faster Than The Woman?!

Apparently breast tissue ages more quickly on a woman than the rest of her body! According to researchers, a new DNA analysis technique has determined that women’s breasts age faster than the woman herself! The technique analyzes the tissue and blood’s rate of cell decline. As we age, the chemical signature of our DNA changes

U.S. Broken Down By Personality?!

Click here to Enlarge Map Peter J. Rentfrow and his colleagues have broken down a map of the U.S. to represent the personality types that reside in each area! After combining data from five different surveys, Rentfrow and his team have been able to quantify the U.S on it’s different political, economic, social and health

Russian Meteorite Pulled Out Of Lake!

The meteorite that lit up the Russian sky has been found and removed from the lake believed to be it’s landing zone! Divers have been working tirelessly to find the meteorite for the past 8 months, after it tore through the sky in February. The half-ton rock is the largest fragment of a meteorite ever