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Cheating Makes You Feel Good?!

According to a recent study, people feel amazing when they aren’t playing by the rules and cheating their way through the game. The study, published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, suggests that the cheater’s mood bump is stronger when it comes to small cheats like looking at your friend’s cards. The high

First Evidence of Comet That Strike Earth Discovered!

The first evidence of a comet entering the atmosphere and exploding has been discovered by a team of South African scientists and international collaborators. This find is not only definitive proof of a comet striking the Earth, but could also help us figure out more about our solar system. Professor David Block of Wits University

Bigfoot Exists!?

At least that’s what a research group are trying to prove. In a press meeting on Tuesday, The Sasquatch Genome Project team released never before seen video footage of Bigfoot roaming around North America. The group is lead by Melba Ketchum, who has been gathering “evidence” such as “DNA” for five years to prove that


NASA Video Shows You The Unseen Moon

For the past four years, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, has been circling the Moon to give us a look at one of the most familiar sights in the sky. In conjunction with large amounts of data the satellite has been beaming back to scientists here on Earth, the LRO has been taking photos


Small Animals See In Slow Motion!

A new study has shown that small animals tend to perceive time as if it’s passing in slow motion. Essentially, small animals can observe movement on a finer time scale which helps them evade larger predators. Lead author Kevin Healy, at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland stated: “The ability to perceive time on very small scales


Clothing Can Change The Way You Think!

Clothing can be more than just protection from the elements, and can actually control the way you think! According to a study, wearing certain types of clothing such as lab coat, can make a person behave differently because of how the coat makes them feel. This might explain the power a uniform may exude on


The Human Brain Confuses ‘Me’ And ‘We’

A new study done by the University of Virginia has stated that the human brain is wired to make connection with people, to the point that when someone we love is in pain, we will feel that same pain. Most of us are familiar with empathy, the ability to feel what other’s feel, but this study


How Evolution Works?

Anyone in need of a short but fun explanation of evolution for your exam? Well this fun animation by YouTuber Kurzgesagt created an awesome 13 minute explanation as to how we evolved from single-celled organisms and the importance of species. If only I had this back in high school! The explanation is simple and easy to grasp


Teleportation: Where Would You Go?

YouTuber claude lee Sadik uploaded an interesting sci-fi short about a regular guy who stumbles a teleportation device. One must be careful when it comes to teleportation … you’ll never know where you’ll end up.

Sea Levels

Sea Levels Rising Could Sink Cities!

A study looking into the rise in sea levels has stated the viability of more than 1,400 cities across U.S. coastlines are under a serious threat. The rise in heat trapping greenhouse emissions is the pinpointed cause for the a future rise in the sea level of 4 feet which will submerge parts of 316

bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap Bike – The Future is Now!

Bubble Wrap: One of the only substances on Earth that everyone loves to destroy! YouTuber Eric Buss invented one of the coolest ways to destroy bubble wrap. Check it out! NATION Do you want your own Bubble Wrap Bike?


Pacific Rim’s Jaegers Could Become a Real Thing!

After seeing Pacific Rim, I think we all wanted to pilot our own Jaeger. YouTuber Yu Jiang Tham just brought humanity one step closer to Jaeger technology. NATION Would you want your own Jaeger or be best friends with a Transformer?


Neil deGrasse Tyson Gives the Cosmos a New Look

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Seth Macfarlane have revamped the 1980 documentary series, The Cosmos: a Personal Voyage, which is due to come out next spring. The reboot will be titled The Cosmo’s: A Space-Time Odyssey and will run for 13 episodes on Fox and National Geographic.  The original 13 episode series by Carl Sagen used special effects, 3d models and