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Death Penalty

FBI Finds Errors In Death Penalty Convictions

FBI Finds Errors In Death Penalty Convictions

In an effort to make sure only the guilty are behind bars, the FBI has been reviewing thousands of criminal convictions in order to determine if they were secured using faulty science. As a result of the review, 27 death penalty cases have now come into question. The FBI review has been underway for the

In Saturn's Rings NASA

Movie Created From Nasa Photos!

A DIY filmmaker attempted to create a film that flew through space utilizing the photographs taken by NASA’s telescopes and satellites! The stunning teaser trailer for the resulting film “In Saturn’s Rings” released just yesterday and it looks gorgeous! The movie was created using only 2D photographs taken by NASA, often hundreds of thousands per


Curing Cancer With HIV

GE’s Focus Forward campaign gives us a glimpse into the fight against cancer and the men who created the cure that uses HIV. Doctors from the University of Pennsylvania were successful in removing a class of T-cells from cancer patients and genetically modified them using HIV. The virus, when inserted into the cells, jump starts

Drinking while pregnant

Drinking While Pregnant Is Good?!

A new study from the UK dispels the age old myth that drinking any alcohol during pregnancy could harm the fetus. Before you head out to go drinking at the bar, the study checked on kids whose mothers had three to seven drinks a week. Researchers conducted cognitive tests on 10 year-olds born between 1991


Dim Light Inspires Creativity!

A study out of Germany suggests that working in dim light promotes a person’s creativity. In the study, it states that when the participants were subjected to different illuminations of light, the darker the room was showed a boost in creativity. The tests consisted of two parts: generating ideas and implementing/analyzing the ideas. The darker

Birth Control Abortion

New Study Says Obamacare Lowers Abortion Rate!

A new study focusing on low-income women in St. Louis concluded that expanding access to free contraception lowers the rates of unintended teen pregnancy and abortion. Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis partnered with a local Planned Parenthood affiliate to track over 9,000 low-income women in the area, some without

Edible pill sensors

2 Step Verification by Touch

Do you suffer from over-authentication? Millions of smart phone and computer users suffer from this condition every day. The condition, known as over-authentication, requires users to log multiple passwords into their devices at a time and receive endless text messages from social websites checking on their status as human. On average, users are losing between

Speech Jammer Gun Review Thumb

Speech Jammer Claims Newest Victim in Gun Reviewer

YouTube gun enthusiast takes on the infamous Speech Jammer, and fails – spectacularly. YouTube user “absuperman” recently released a video in which he reviews two of his guns, a Bereta 92 and an AR-15.  The interesting thing about this video isn’t the guns, though; it’s the device plugged into his ears which, as the video

Space Telescope

World’s First Public Space Telescope?!

Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining company, has created a Kickstarter to launch a space telescope that can be accessed by anyone! The ARKYD 100 project aims to send the first space telescope that can be used by the general public. The company has created a small module with an attached camera arm so it can take


The First Disabled Man in Space?

Meet Mikey Oliveri! He’s 29-years-old,  was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age 5, and wants to be the first disabled man in space. Mikey created a short video testimony asking Richard Branson if he can be one of the first passengers on his Virgin Galactic flights to space. Mikey is an incredible individual. In the description


Change Movie Endings With Your Thoughts

Remember that one film that you loved so much but its ending left you sitting there empty and unfulfilled with nothing but your popcorn? Wouldn’t you just love to have saved yourself that heartbreak by changing the outcome to something you felt was the right ending? The future is now! A group of researchers have


A Caffeinated Toothbrush?

  Colgate is trying to acquire the patent to create a caffeinated toothbrush. The oral hygiene products would be embedded with caffeine that would be slowly released during use. The future is coming. The company is also pondering ideas of a diet toothbrush and toothbrushes that emit cooling and warming sensations. The toothbrushes would be


Sensor Detects Sunburns Before the Burn

A Michigan Technological University Senior Design team has engineered a sensor that tells you when you’re susceptible to sunburns. The team designed a skin patch imprinted with a graphic that will start to fade the longer you are in the sun. Once the image is gone, the sunburns are on their way! The prototype is made