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Sensor Detects Sunburns Before the Burn

A Michigan Technological University Senior Design team has engineered a sensor that tells you when you’re susceptible to sunburns. The team designed a skin patch imprinted with a graphic that will start to fade the longer you are in the sun. Once the image is gone, the sunburns are on their way! The prototype is made


This Mask Grants You Superhuman Senses

Scientists at the Royal College of Art in London have designed a headset that gives wearers full control over superhuman hearing and vision. Eidos, the company responsible for developing this superhuman technology, states: “We are used to controlling the world around us to find the settings that suit us best. But while technology advances to


Morning-After Pill Moves to Over-the-Counter

The FDA has approved Plan B morning-after pills to be sold over-the-counter for women as young as 15. Women will be able to go to any pharmacy that carries the morning after pill and show either their birth certificate, driver’s license or passport and they can purchase the pill. This move to allow 15-year-old girls

Fehmi Kaya

Atheism Is A Form Of Autism?!

According to Fehmi Kaya, head of the Health and Education Associations for Autistic Children in Turkey, autistic children lack the part of the brain that instills faith. Faith in God is what Fehmi Kaya is referring to, of course, since faith in humanity, your friends, family and parents doesn’t really count as “faith”. The Turkish head of


Virgin Galactic Takes Flight!

Virgin Galactic had its first rocket test for their passenger spacecraft and it was a success! Check out the amazing footage of the Virgin Galactic rocket test. As stated in the video, Virgin will be performing several more rocket tests this year, one of which will hopefully reach space. SpaceShipTwo will be a six passenger ship


Which is Worse: Birth V.S. Kick to the Balls?

Youtuber AsapScience posted a video that will finally put an end to the age-old question. Which is more painful: Childbirth or a kick to the balls? Lets take a look! I think it would have to be a kick to the balls … but hey, I am a bit biased. QUESTION: Which do you think

NASA Mars Penis Thumb

Did NASA Just Draw A Penis On Mars?!

A picture recently beamed from the Curiosity rover leaves the internet wondering: Did NASA just draw a penis on Mars? Putting aside the giggle fits that are ensuing over the photo, it remains inconclusive if the picture is indeed real or not. No pun intended, but curiosity about the well endowed photo has crashed the JPL robotics

Grasshopper Thumb

SpaceX’s Reusable Rocket Reaches Record Height

SpaceX’s reusable rocket Grasshopper was tested and reached a record height before touching back down. SpaceX’s Grasshopper is a 10-story vertical takeoff/vertical landing vehicle that has been designed to bring a rocket back to Earth intact for the first time. It’s first launch test took place on March 7th, with the rocket rising to 262.8