Scientists Discover the Gate to Hell



Archaeologists in Turkey may have discovered the legendary Gate to Hell, aka Pluto’s Gate.

The Gate to Hell is more of a cave that emits toxic fumes and was believed to be the entrance to the Underworld. Both Roman and Greek mythology claimed that this cave was the entrance to Hades. A temple was built around the mouth of the cave, but it was destroyed by Christians in the 6th century.

Scientists from the University of Salento were mapping a thermal vent, which led them ruins at the entrance to the cave. Some of the columns even had inscriptions of the Gods Pluto and Kore. Ancient text also reinforces the theory that this is Pluto’s Gate, some stating that the gate was located in the city of Hierapolis, now present-day Pamukkale, Turkey, where archaeologists found the ruins.

The Hell gate is still spewing toxic fumes, so they are excavating with extreme caution. A number of birds have died due to the nigh concentration of carbon dioxide leaking out of the site. These fumes may also describe the ‘visions‘ that people described seeing at Pluto’s Gate.


Would you rather be the scientist who discovers life on other planets or life after death?