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Scientists Make Stem Cells From Blood


All right, let’s get into some confirmed science stuff. A patient’s blood was used to create personalized stem cells, doctors say, allowing for a less intrusive and dangerous method to treat a wide range of medical ailments.

The team at the University of Cambridge used the stem cells to create blood vessels. Stem cells are capable of transforming into any other kind of cell — meaning a stem cell can  potentially regenerate anything from your bones to your brain.

However, experts are still unclear on just how safe the process is. The team looked for a particular repair cell in the blood that would repair damage to the walls of blood vessels. They were converted to stem cells. While tissue biopsies from the skin could be used to create stem cells, there was still the possibility of the body rejecting them as a foreign object.

With blood cells, they appear to be more stable. Dr. Amer Rana Had this to say:

We are excited to have developed a practical and efficient method to create stem cells from a cell type found in blood. … The next stage obviously is to say, ‘OK if we can do all this, let’s actually make some clinical grade cells,’ we can then move this technology into the clinic for the first time.

Many scientists are hailing this as a major achievement, but across the board — including the Cambridge team — caution that a lot more study is going to be needed before we start, y’know, rebuilding brain cells with our blood so that we can become super-intelligent immortals.

Really, I just wanna, y’know, do some stem cells. See what would happen, man. I bet I’d totally trip out.

Oh, they would just become other cells I already have? Oh, okay. I suppose I’ve been reading and writing this entire article incorrectly.