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Second Man of Steel Trailer Released!


The Second ‘Man of Steel’ trailer is online now! Get ready to giggle like a schoolgirl over how awesome this reboot looks!

Yesterday, a random DSRW (Deep Space Radio Wave) Project website appeared on the web. Users quickly solved the various puzzles (most that used Kyrptonian symbols), which led them to a website, N77d58W76d19.com. The site was a countdown, but now it is just a video player for the new Man of Steel trailer.

Let’s go down the list of everything that makes this movie already amazing:

  • Zac Snyder is the Director
  • Christopher Nolan is producing the new film
  • Henry Cavill (Immortals, The Tudors) don the cape and fake glasses as the role of Superman/Clark Kent
  • Amy Adams (Enchanted) plays the role of Lois Lane … mmmmmm
  • Michael Shannon (Vanilla Sky, Pearl Harbor) will play the infamous General Zod

This reboot is Warner Brother’s last attempt at a new Superman franchise, after Brian Singer’s god-awful Superman Returns, but Man of Steel looks as though it will live up to its expectations.

I already dug through my closet for my red cape when the teaser came out, but I can’t contain myself anymore! I am so pumped for this movie! Also, is it just me or does the URL for the website look like coordinates? 😉


How many of you guys are excited for this flic? What are your thoughts on Superman Returns?