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Secret Sexy Gallery ft. Kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian has dropped 90 spots in AskMen.com’s list of Most Desirable Women of 2013, but she is looking pretty sexy in a new gallery for Fractice Magazine.

Last year she took the #8 spot on the list, now she is barely hanging on at spot #98! Even as she becomes more popular, she is slowly being pushed off the list. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t attractive, but maybe a reality tv star that has been blasted all over the tabloids for too many years loses respect from everyday people.

Some have said that the 2 week marriage, or possibly dating Kanye West. For whatever reason, Kim is gaining a good amount of negative publicity. I’m not trying to judge Kim in anyway, but maybe there was a better way of spending $10 million then on a wedding that was destined to fall apart.

To bring her spirits, we made a little gallery of a photoshoot Ms. Kardashian did with Factice Magazine, and she’s just lookin’ great. Hope you enjoy!

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kardashian   kardashian   kardashian

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