Sexytime News: VampyBitMe

What’s better than a sexy female?

Trick Question: Nothing.

…unless that sexy girl has a Facebook and a Tumblr and an iPhone and human compassion which enables her to share these sexy often semi-nude photos with the world.

Man, woman, or tranny–gay, straight, or bi–you’re not gonna wanna miss out on this delicious eye candy featured in the gallery below!

Meet VampyBitMe (aka Linda Le aka Vampy): a sexy, cosplaying, nerdy, latex-wearing beauty.

Stare at her.

It’s okay, she doesn’t mind.

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  1. Vish says:

    aah the hotness

  2. Kiran04 says:

    I’d hit it

  3. paxin says:

    does anyone else even know what Gantz is? …. ugh that’s what i thought :(

    1. nelson_day_70 says:

      it’s an anime/manga

    2. vashjt says:

      Gantz is one of the worst Manga to Anime ever…..

  4. chuck says:

    awesome girl. great story by alyssa terry

  5. Blaine says:

    I hope you guys realise the term “tranny” is derogatory. Stop using it. There are better words for what you mean. I.e. TRANS*

    1. Joe says:

      How do you know she wasn’t referring to the transmission of a car? The term ‘tranny’ is often used as a shortened version of that word, too. How sexist of you to assume she was referring to transsexuals!! ;)

    2. Steven Smith says:

      RuPaul gave an interview where he said he loves the word ‘tranny’. Also, pretty sure a term is only derogatory if it is used with the intent to harm or put down. Clearly the author had no such intent.

  6. Aj says:

    me gusta

  7. Liberator says:

    The black box is not displaying the pics…… :(

  8. Cate says:

    The word tranny is extremely offensive, and I honestly didn’t even bother reading through this story after seeing it.

    1. Your loss, I suppose =]

  9. ChrisWhalen says:

    Thank you very much for that Alyssa! lol

  10. Azkaban says:

    I doubt that they knew that the word was offensive. Just let them know and move on, don’t be an ass about it. Ty Alyssa.

  11. *Stare* Yeah, You know, Oddly last week I was breaking my brain remembering that game/anime ‘Darkstalkers’ and Is I write this i once more find my self in doubt with the name. Everythings connected when added ‘sexy girl’ I guess.