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Game Trailers: Assassin’s Creed III, Angry Birds Star Wars, Black Ops II

Game Trailers: Assassin’s Creed III, Angry Birds Star Wars, Black Ops II

  Game Trailers: Assassin’s Creed III, Angry Birds Star Wars and Black Ops II


Horror Movies Literally Scare The Crap Out Of You

That’s right folks — a new study by the University of Westminster says that you can thin up your putrid, fleshy body by watching horror movies!


Jailbreaking And Video Remixing Still Legal

The Electronic Frontier Foundation gets another victory as the US Copyright Office came down with a ruling thatrenewed exemptions to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act such as jailbreaking your phone and remixing copyrighted video.


Young Boy On Trial For Killing Neo-Nazi Father

A now-12 year old boy is currently on trial for shooting his father in the head when he was 10. The kicker? His father was a fervent neo-Nazi. 

Hurricane Sandy satellite image

Hurricane Sandy Is Headed For American Northeast

Sandy is not a name for a hurricane. It’s a name for an accountant. Anyway, Hurricane Sandy is headed for New Jersey and she’s probably going to trash all your stuff.


Teenager Confesses To Murdering Jessica Ridgeway

Authorities say a 17-year old Colorado teenager has confessed to the abduction and murder of  10-year old Jessica Ridgeway. Austin Sigg is a 17-year old resident of Colorado, having lived less than a mile away from Jessica Ridgeway. Authorities found what they call “overwhelming” DNA evidence against Sigg.


Wikileaks Releases 100+ Military Detention Files

Wikileaks began publishing today what they say are over a hundred US Defense Department files that detail military camps and prisons in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay detention facilities in Cuba.


Ladies and Gents: We Now Have a Tractor Beam

That’s right. Once again scientists have made another component of the Death Star possible: We’ve now proven the tractor beam can be built. Two physicists from New York University have developed a technique for using beams of light to draw a particle toward the source of light.


Nerds Name Plant After Lady Gaga

So, a team of biologists at Duke University have classified a genus of fern in honor of pop star Lady Gaga. The biologists made the decision initially based off its DNA sequence — guanine, adenine, guanine, adenine. No mystery there. But as they looked deeper into the genus, they realized that amongst the nineteen different


The Unfinished Swan: Paint Your World

The Unfinished Swan is the latest Playstation Network indie game to come out, and the reviews are all over its unique style and judicious use of color. The game was an Independent Games Festival finalist and Sony signed an “incubation deal” with developer Giant Sparrow to provide funding, office space, equipment and help from SCE


Man Stabbed At Planned Parenthood Protest

A man was stabbed at a Planned Parenthood protest after his daughter and a protester became involved in a physical altercation.


Scientists Convicted Of Manslaughter For Earthquake In 2009 an earthquake hit central Italy and killed more than 300 people. A pretty bad natural disaster. Except the courts think some people were responsible. Scientists, specifically, for failing to adequately warn people. Of a natural disaster. The sort of which there’s no reliable way to track.

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Everything That Mattered October 23rd, 2012

Hey Nation PhillyD here and this is everything that mattered to me today. Mentioned in the video above Sexy Black Tape Project  |  Iron Man 3 Trailer  |  ipad Mini Break Down  |  D-Bag Robber Video Jenkees Is Back  |  Xbox Smartglass w/ Video  |  Windows 8 Features  |  Kids Are Reading More Some of