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Arby’s Manager Fired After Fleeing Robber

Arby’s Manager Fired After Fleeing Robber

An Arby’s assistant manager in Dayton, Ohio was fired after escaping a robber in the middle of the night. Arby’s gave a very corporate response to the incident. Hoo-ray.


Is texting ruining the English language?

Is texting ruining the English language? The list of texting acronyms added to the Oxford English Dictionary has been steadily growing with each passing year–beginning with the induction of the shorthand “OMG”, “LOL, “IMHO”, “FYI”, “TMI”, and “BFF” in 2011–and has led to a ‘battle’ of sorts between texting enthusiasts whose everyday conversations are full


Boys Are Starting Puberty Earlier In America

Boys are starting puberty earlier in America. Researchers don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing. Conventional thought for the longest time has been that girls tend to hit puberty some time before boys, which explains how I grew up believing that women were (and are) smarter than I.


Ask Gary Johnson Questions Tonight On #PDSLive!

It’s our distinct honor and privilege to have Libertarian Party candidate for President Gary Johnson sit down with us to speak live after the final presidential debate!

Scientists have managed to create gasoline from CO2 and water vapor, Reuters reports.

Scientists Make Gasoline From The Air

Air Fuel Synthesis in Stockton-on-Teeshas created a process and built a machine that pulls carbon dioxide and water vapor from the air and makes gasoline. Our energy crisis and climate change may become irrelevant in the future as scientists have done what they tend to do: Make something so ridiculously awesome that it almost seems like it’s magic.

beast of america

BioShock Infinite: Beast of America Trailer

BioShock Infinite: Beast of America Trailer This past weekend, 2K games and Irrational games released a new trailer entitled BioShock Infinite: Beast of America to show off its in-game engine and highlight some of the awesome game play and ….  IT LOOKS AMAZING!

tumblr_mc1z11xnIe1r9t0wwo2_500 Update

Hey guys this is Philip DeFranco with a quickie announcement, If you don’t know me about a year ago I made this announcement …and over the next year I introduced some people who would become your favorites. Then the next step was to make this new website to feature even more content and that was

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Community Season 4 Troy & Abed Announcement

Even with NBC being guilty of having Britta’d Community (they fired the creator, moved it to Friday, and the premiere is delayed indefinitely) the crew made me laugh about it with this funny video. Also for no reason whatsoever Alison Brie…

FB Puppy saves boy

Kid With Down Syndrome Saved By Puppies

No, I’m not fuckin’ with you. This is real. A real thing that happened. Does your heart hurt yet? ‘Cause Lee’s does. Puppies. Puppies plural. You have got to be kidding me.


Forbes’ List Of Highest Paid TV Actors

Okay, so I know what this story is. I got the link. I’ve decided that I’m going to type this story out while I read the article. Strap in, kids.


Bone Smugglers And Harmony

I wanna be a smuggler of dinosaur bones. This man, Eric Prokopi, 38, of Gainesville, Florida, has been living my dream. A life of luxury, of excitement, intrigue. And then also dinosaurs. Or dinosaur bones. Which is the best we’ll get because we can’t clone them ever.

Guy Sued Church For Losing Leg After Crucifix Fell On it

Guy Sued Church For Losing Leg After Crucifix Fell On it

All right. Sit down, America. We have to have a talk. Not you, lawyers. You go somewhere else. Is it just us, ‘Merica? Okay, close the door.


Movie Roundup!

So, let’s say that you’ve already seen Argo, Looper, Seven Psychopaths, or you’re not interested in those films. (What’s wrong with you?) Well, we’ve got a movie roundup right here to help you out with a look ahead.