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man of steel

Man Of Steel Trailer!

Man Of Steel Trailer!

All right, kids, listen up: We’ve got the Man of Steel trailer, the possibility that we might, indeed, be living in The Matrix, and a Hollywood auction that’s going to give away pieces of your childhood for fun and profit. It’s Nerd Porn!


Teacher Writes Erotic Novel, Gets In Trouble

Carol Ann Eastman, an Ohio English teacher, totally wrote an erotic novel about a teacher getting revenge on her husband by engaging in extramarital affairs with former students. And now she’s in trouble.


Maker Studios And Ray William Johnson Battle

This got ugly in a hurry: A war of words has broken out between YouTube star Ray William Johnson and Maker Studios CEO Danny Zappin after Johnson announced he would leave Maker.


Argentine Mom Honored For Rescuing Sex Slaves

Susana Trimarco had no intentions of being a hero. But that’s how heroes are born. Through the tragedy of her missing daughter, Trimarco has rescued hundreds of missing sex slaves in the pursuit of locating her child.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Nerd Porn: G4′s Now Esquire And Hobbiton IRL

There’s a lot to get through, so let’s just jump right in: G4′s no more, We’ve got a Hobbit pub in real life, and there’s a new trailer for The Lone Ranger. Put on your spectacles, we’re going to study some Pornithology. It’s Nerd Porn time.


Beer Can Fight Off The Common Cold

Japanese brewery Sapporo conducted a study that discovered there is a chemical compound in hops (what gives beer its bitter taste) that can fight off the common cold. Problem is: You have to drink a lot of it. Challenge accepted.


Dude Tries To Smuggle Birds In His Pants

Sometimes, you’ve just got to wonder how we as a species can possibly get anything done with headscratchers like this: A man tried to smuggle birds from Cuba to America. Sixteen of them. The birds were in his pants.

Phantom Pain

Dark Souls 2 And The Phantom Pain

Today, we’re pretty jam packed with nerd info. We’ve got Star Trek gear that works and you can buy it, the Dark Souls 2 trailer to tempt you into giving up your life once again, and a possible Metal Gear Solid V video. It’s Nerd Porn, strap it on.

car crash

Black Boxes In Everyone’s Car?

We hear about it in plane crashes: The flight recorder, or “the black box,” needing to be recovered just to find out what went on up there. But now federal officials are proposing installing black boxes in everyone’s car.


Christmas Cards For Sandy Victim

87-year old Patsy Roberts had a plan: when she approached her final moments, when she knew it was over, she would read every Christmas card she had collected over the years. But then Hurricane Sandy swept it all away.


Stem Cell Contacts Can Restore Sight!

Today in “whoa,” researchers at the University of Sheffield have unveiled contacts loaded with stem cells that they believe can repair and even restore sight to those with damaged eyes.


Picks For The Video Game Awards!

So, Spike TV’s Video Game Awards are coming up, so I’m going to hit up some categories and make my predictions /choices on each. If I feel the need to elaborate, I will. If I don’t, well, I still might. I’m playing this by ear.


Apple’s Bringing Mac Production To America

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company will be moving production of an existing line of Macs from China to these United States. They’re spending quite a bit of money to make that happen, too.