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Video Games Are Now Officially Art, Kind Of

Video Games Are Now Officially Art, Kind Of

New York’s Museum of Modern Art has a new exhibition that is scheduled to be installed in March of 2013: Classic and modern video games to be shown in MoMA’s Philip Johnson Galleries. That’s right, kids, video games are art. Suck on that, Roger Ebert!


Anna Moleva Heating Up BioShock Infinite!

It’s time to put on your spectacles and study up on some Nerd Pornology! Today, we’ve got a cosplayer as a dead ringer for¬†BioShock Infinite’s female lead,¬†Game Of Thrones showing off their killer sets, and flash memory that can be revived with blasts of insane heat.


FBI Dad’s Spyware Exposes Principal

Joseph Auther put spyware on his twelve-year-old son’s laptop, because he’s a father and wants to make sure his son’s using the laptop correctly. After it was returned to the school, he realized the spyware was still working, and someone was being very bad on it. Oh, and also: Auther’s a special agent in the


Wikipedia’s Most Searched Influential People

Wired’s November 2012 article came with an infographic that showed off Wikipedia’s most searched influential people. Most of these people are dead, sadly. The graphic requires that all the people in question were born prior to 1950. Let’s take a look at the graphic and the list.


Mars Rover’s Discovery Won’t Be Earthshattering

Since the initial announcement from Mars rover project scientist John Grotzinger, NASA has been trying to curb public expectations and wild speculation from the press. The moment Grotzinger said the word “earthshattering,” everyone immediately went to “we found life on Mars.”


Puppy Room: University Brings In Stress Relief For Students

That’s right. Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, has decided that, y’know, finals are really stressful, so why not build a puppy room for the students to hang out in? A puppy room. Needless to say, the students are super supportive of this. Puppy room.

Pacific-Rim-Poster-2 feat

Bungie’s Destiny and Pacific Rim

It’s Nerd Porn! Today, we’ve got a new sci-fi epic from Bungie, Pacific Rim doing some viral marketing that’s pretty Cloverfield-y, and Homeland security using robot fish. That’s right. I said “robot fish.” Let’s explore this together, shall we?


South Korea Battling Gadget Addiction

It was bound to happen sooner or later. After reports over the years of addiction causing not just social and emotional harm, but actual physical pain and even death, South Korea has had enough. They’re now working to take steps to curb the gadget addiction that’s running rampant in their country.


America’s Hottest Cities, Sexually Speaking

Travel and Leisure came out with a survey of both visitors and residents to various cities across America, and broke down which was everyone’s favorite across a number of different categories. We thought one particular category was interesting: The attractiveness of the people there. Let’s take a look at America’s hottest cities.


Germany’s Banning Bestiality

Germany’s ruling coalition is pressing to ban the practice of… I can’t sigh hard enough for this. Germany’s ruling coalition is pressing to ban the practice of bestiality. Because apparently, people are banging horses left and right out there.


Gordon-Levitt As Batman?

It’s time for the Pornophillia. Or, as Elliott would call them, the Pornagories. Here we go, it’s Nerd Porn. Today we’ve got a more positive message on women in games development, a potential new Batman, and a new Portal 2 toy. Boom. Pick your jaws up off the floor, we got a lot of ground

Ruger P89

Teenagers Play Loud Music At Gas Station, Get Shot For It

The “Stand Your Ground” law is back in the news again as reports surface of an incident between 45-year old Michael Dunn and a group of teenagers at a gas station in Jacksonville, FL, that left 17-year old Jordan Davis dead on the scene.

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Man Dies From Eating Live Roaches And Ways Logan Almost Died

I… okay. Okay, so this happened. Edward Archbold, 32, of West Palm Beach, FL, died from eating live roaches in a roach-eating contest. Roach. Eating contest. I don’t feel so well. All right, we’re going to do this. We’ll get through this together. Don’t leave me alone with this story.