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Wii Mini, Sexism In Gaming And Super-Resilient Bacteria

Wii Mini, Sexism In Gaming And Super-Resilient Bacteria

Here we go, folks. The Porndola. The Pornyphonic Spree. It’s time… for Nerd Porn. Today we’ve got the release of the Wii Mini, a Twitter group therapy session over the rampant sexism in the games development industry, and bacteria found where life shouldn’t have even been possible. Strap in.


US Students Train To Be Cyberspies

I’m going to be saying “Cyber” a lot today. I’m as upset about it as you are. But there’s something awesome going down at the University of Tulsa. Basically, they’ve created themselves a spy factory. Digital spy. Ugh. Yes. Cyberspy. Students are being taught to how to be awesome spies and basically try to spy on


Nerd Porn: Cyber Monday Deals

All right, stop everything. I’m just going to throw it out there. You can get a Caddyshack Blu-Ray for $3.99. Seriously. Do you have this on your shelf? No? Then go get it, already. It’s an American classic and you are a Philistine for not knowing about it. Either that or you’re younger than, oh, let’s say