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Wii Mini, Sexism In Gaming And Super-Resilient Bacteria

Wii Mini, Sexism In Gaming And Super-Resilient Bacteria

Here we go, folks. The Porndola. The Pornyphonic Spree. It’s time… for Nerd Porn. Today we’ve got the release of the Wii Mini, a Twitter group therapy session over the rampant sexism in the games development industry, and bacteria found where life shouldn’t have even been possible. Strap in.


They’re Making An Underwater Hotel In Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, a five-star luxury hotel, is being developed in Fiji. We’ve got Sky City, we’re working on a Mars Colony, and yet we still haven’t completely tapped into what’s in our dang oceans. Let’s take a look at this underwater hotel.

Kim Jong Un

The Onion Tricks Chinese Paper Over Sexiest Man Alive

The Onion — who, if you don’t know them, you should probably read up on them quick-like — managed to get China’s Community Party mouthpiece to treat one of their ridiculous articles as a real thing. The Chinese paper reposted one of their articles that announced Kim Jong-Un as 2012′s Sexiest Man Alive.


Salvation Army Rep: Gays Deserve To Die

That may seem like a sensationalist title, but I honestly don’t know how else to slice it. In an interview with two gay Australian journalists, Major Andrew Craibe straight up gave confirmation that the Salvation Army’s belief system includes the idea that homosexual people deserve to die.


Colts Cheerleaders Go Bald For Cancer

The head coach for the Indianapolis Colts, Chuck Pagano, was diagnosed with leukemia in September and took an indefinite leave of absence from coaching activities while he got well. He’s currently undergoing chemotherapy and his cancer is believed to be in remission.

Mars Colony

SpaceX CEO Wants A Dang Mars Colony

Elon Musk, a man who has a dumptruck of money from being PayPal’s largest shareholder and CEO of SpaceX, has decided that he wants a Mars Colony. Beginning with just a few pioneers, the advance team would be there to build the colony quickly. With each subsequent rocket being sent to the Red Planet, more


US Students Train To Be Cyberspies

I’m going to be saying “Cyber” a lot today. I’m as upset about it as you are. But there’s something awesome going down at the University of Tulsa. Basically, they’ve created themselves a spy factory. Digital spy. Ugh. Yes. Cyberspy. Students are being taught to how to be awesome spies and basically try to spy on


Nerd Porn: Cyber Monday Deals

All right, stop everything. I’m just going to throw it out there. You can get a Caddyshack Blu-Ray for $3.99. Seriously. Do you have this on your shelf? No? Then go get it, already. It’s an American classic and you are a Philistine for not knowing about it. Either that or you’re younger than, oh, let’s say


Rock Star Brings Grenade To Airport

Wayne Coyne, singer of The Flaming Lips, brought a dang grenade to the Oklahoma City airport. He didn’t know it was in there. I don’t know why he brings it around. But hey, it happened and there was, shall we say, an incident that shut down an entire terminal at the airport.


A Massive Planet And Depressed Chimps

Elliott Morgan is trying to kill me. Ten stories? Ten? No! I’m picking three. Do you hear me, Morgan?! I’m picking three! We’ve got depressed chimps, a massive planet and positive news regarding HIV infections. For story four I will be requesting the most efficient way to commence stealth night shoveling.


Killer Robots And Balloon Guy

It’s time for a Pornucopia of nerddom. It is time… for Nerd Porn. Today we’ve got people already trying to get lawmakers to ban killer robots, and yet another dude is trying to create his own personal Up by getting a bunch of balloons to fly him over the dang Atlantic.


China To Build Largest Phallic Metaphor “Sky City”

So, China’s one-upping everyone in the game of who’s got the biggest building. I’m going to play a game with this one, and in order to win, you have to figure out what that game is.


Paralyzed Dogs Walk Again

Yeah, I don’t really have an interesting title. But hey: Doggies. Scientists at Cambridge University have utilized a long-awaited technique to restore motor function to the hind legs of dogs that had been paralyzed in accidents.