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Teen Suffers From Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Teen Suffers From Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

It may sound like a first world problem, but Nicole Delien, termed “real-life sleeping beauty,” has been suffering from Kleine-Levin Syndrome — or “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome,” that can make her sleep up to 64 days straight, where her “awake” period is essentially sleepwalking to eat.

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Family Of Bank Robbers Arrested

A family of bank robbers were arrested after knocking over the 1st Community Credit Union in Katy, Texas. Now news is coming out that they may have been involved in multiple heists.


Workout Systems Roundup!

We’re going to be eating a bunch this week. You know it, I know it. So let’s take a look at some workout systems that can tone up that disgusting husk you/I call a body. Yes, I’m projecting. I should get into a gym, or at least buy a Kinect and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.


New York’s Got A Serial Killer

A .22 caliber handgun is the only thing people are going on to connect three different murders happening in New York City. Three business owners have been murdered in similar ways.


5-Hour Energy Investigated For Deaths

I tried to come up with a short title that wasn’t “5-Hour Energy Will Kill You.” The Food and Drug Administration is investigating reports of about thirteen deaths that are believed to have involved energy shot drinks. They’ve also been getting into Monster Energy after another few deaths were reported.


Israel And Gaza Attacks Escalating [Graphic Images]

Since yesterday, the attacks shot from and at Israel and Gaza have gotten worse. Hamas has sworn vengeance for the assassination of their military chief, and Israel has sworn to destroy Hamas’ combat capabilities. Both are trying to make good on their promises.


Google TVs And Sexist Geeks

It’s time for the Pornening, the Porninization, the Pornifery. It’s time for Nerd Porn. This time, we’re going to be digging into some Google TVs that have games in the Cloud that you can play, and some dickwad goes on a misogynistic rant that we’ve been calling him out on. (Last one: The Pornithoptrix.)


Florida Teen Was Impersonating Medical Staff

Matthew Scheidt, an eighteen-year old kid, was sentenced to a year in jail after a four-felony conviction involving his impersonating a physician’s assistant after a credentialing mix-up at the hospital he was working at. Elliott already took the Catch Me If You Can jokes, and I don’t really feel like scraping bottom of the barrel with

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Brothers Charged In $5 Million Lottery Scam

In what’s got to be our Dick Move Of The Week, two brothers are charged with attempted grand larceny after swindling a customer of their family’s convenience store of his lottery ticket that’s worth $5 Million.


My Coffee Is Going Extinct

Researchers have found that, due to climate change, Arabica coffee is going extinct in the wild, to completely die out by 2080. I am less than amused. You have not seen me without my coffee, and it is something you would not like to see. Yes, I understand that my response to not having coffee


Hormone Stops Cheating Bastards From Cheating

The hormone Oxytocin has been associated with creating a greater sense of attachment to, I assume, your spouse. But after some research into it, there may be other significant qualities to go with simply being more attached to your significant other.


Man Recants Accusation Of Elmo’s Puppeteer

Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, must be breathing a bit more easily now. The man who accused Sesame Street’s Elmo’s puppeteer of having an underaged sexual relationship has now recanted his story. Of course, it’s going to be a while before we can stop thinking about the dude behind Elmo gettin’ it on.


Hepatitis C Cure Has A 100% Cure Rate

Two companies’ mid-stage trials have come back to report that their methods of treating patients suffering from Hepatitis C have effectively a 100% cure rate. Hepatitis C is particularly difficult because those affected can be asymptomatic while the virus scars their livers.