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Goodbye, Cursive Writing

Goodbye, Cursive Writing

We are rapidly seeing the end to cursive writing, which many around the office aren’t exactly happy about, but I say good riddance. How often, outside of a classroom, do you read anyone else’s handwriting? Compare that to other people’s typing. If we can start teaching our kids to at least write legible Tweets that


Man In Vegetative State Can Communicate

So, we as a civilization might be getting dumber, but our technology is more than making up for it. A man in Canada is in a vegetative state, but through the witchcraft that is science, he’s able to communicate to doctors.


Civilization Is Making People Stupid

We live in an era where our phones can give us all the information we could possibly want (if we’d just check), we have bionic legs, our video games teach us more about history than our teachers, and our laptops can probably run NORAD. So yeah, I’m not surprised when I hear that a new


Janitor Killed Was Serial Bank Robber

I know that bank robbers tend to have double lives, in the sense that they have their “front” job, and then they have, y’know, the “bank robbery” job. But I’m just having a hard time seeing why the hell you would pick janitor as your “front.” There are so many better jobs.  


Synthetic Skin And Invisibility Cloaks

So, yeah, science is rapidly outpacing our own human development to the point where Skynet will exist, they will have human tissue over the skeletal structure of their machine bodies, and they will be invisible. Anyway, today’s latest science updates: Synthetic skin and invisibility cloaks.


Bieber’s Single And Other Pop Culture Nonsense

So, we’ve got a bit of pop culture news to throw at your eye-holes and I will try to offend as many few people as I possibly can. Justin Bieber’s single, now, Skyfall’s doing great and there’s some other crap about Twilight. 

David Petraeus

CIA Director Resigns Over Affair

Screenwriters, don’t even bother, I guarantee you Clooney’s already got someone writing this: General David Petraeus, director of the CIA, has resigned after he admitted an extramarital affair. Turns out, the other woman is kind of insane and also posed a security threat.


Walmart Workers To Strike On Black Friday

Labor organizers are utilizing the latest in social networking for what they’re calling a “viral” strike against Walmart. This strike is to take place on Black Friday. So if you want to pick up that third LCD monitor at 60% off, I would go to Best Buy instead. Or just Newegg it and never leave


Elmo Statutory Rape Allegations

Well, we’re starting the week off correctly/depressingly. Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street, has taken a leave of absence after allegations have come up accusing Clash of engaging in a sexual relationship to a 16-year old.


Boy Steals Parents’ Life Savings; Buys Candy

A boy in Konotop, Ukraine found about $4,000 in various currencies in his parents’ couch. And so he goes on a spending spree that probably made him the most popular kid in the city. His parents are less than amused. I don’t think there are enough days in his life to ground him for.


Super-Earth Found In Hospitable Zone

Astronomers have found a planet, or “super-earth,” that’s in the “hospitable zone,” meaning it’s in the sweet spot for harboring life. And guess what? It’s not that far from us and it’s way bigger than the trash compactor that we’re living in right now. I’m not saying we should bail exactly, but maybe we just start

HIV Blog

New HIV Vaccine

A major hurdle was just cleared in critical clinical trials of a new HIV vaccine. Canadian researchers announced the phase I trial showed that your immunity is boosted from the vaccine with no adverse effects.


Oh, Florida. You So Crazy

Apparently my use of the word “cray” somehow limits my credibility, so I won’t use it. But seriously. Florida’s pretty cray crazy. Here are a few stories about Florida that show just how cray crazy they are. Or maybe they just don’t have a lot to do, but they should.  I mean, when we were