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Goodbye, Cursive Writing

Goodbye, Cursive Writing

We are rapidly seeing the end to cursive writing, which many around the office aren’t exactly happy about, but I say good riddance. How often, outside of a classroom, do you read anyone else’s handwriting? Compare that to other people’s typing. If we can start teaching our kids to at least write legible Tweets that


Super-Earth Found In Hospitable Zone

Astronomers have found a planet, or “super-earth,” that’s in the “hospitable zone,” meaning it’s in the sweet spot for harboring life. And guess what? It’s not that far from us and it’s way bigger than the trash compactor that we’re living in right now. I’m not saying we should bail exactly, but maybe we just start


Oh, Florida. You So Crazy

Apparently my use of the word “cray” somehow limits my credibility, so I won’t use it. But seriously. Florida’s pretty cray crazy. Here are a few stories about Florida that show just how cray crazy they are. Or maybe they just don’t have a lot to do, but they should.  I mean, when we were