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We’re Getting A New Dinosaur, You Guys

We’re Getting A New Dinosaur, You Guys

So, scientists discovered a new dinosaur. He eats meat, he’s like forty-feet tall, and walks on two legs. He’s a beast rivaling that of the venerable Tyrannosaurus Rex. And he’s got a killer name.

California Voters Participate In The State's Pivotal Primary

Props And Ballot Measures Across The Nation

Along with the presidential election (as well as House and Senate races), there were a number of different ballot measures, initiatives, constitutional amendments, etc. that voters had to make decisions on. Let’s round them up.


Puerto Rico as 51st State?!

Puerto Rico voted on becoming a State yesterday during the election and for the first time people voted in favor of statehood. The citizens of the U.S. Territory were polled about potential statehood in two questions. Voters rejected their current status as a U.S. commonwealth by a 54% to 46% margin in the first question.


Let’s Talk About Bigfoot

Why not, guys? Bigfoot all of a sudden became a thing this week, as reality TV, university researchers, and a couple of guys with a camera got everyone thinking about the kinda-ape.


Mom Ticketed For 3-Year Old Peeing In Public

A police officer ticketed a mother for her three-year old son’s public urination. Listen, it’s Election Day, we’ve got stuff to do, this is all we found on short notice. 


Tattoo Artist Barred From Daughter’s Career Day

  A tattoo artist in Florida is ticked off after attempting to join in on career day for his daughter’s middle school but was barred from doing so due to his profession.


Bionic Man Whoops Willis Tower’s Ass

Zac Vawter has a prosthetic leg. What do you do when you only have one leg? Oh, you know, you scale Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower). Why not? But there’s a lot more to this story than just willpower. There’s also some killer science.


Get Your Nerd On!

All right, nerds. Listen up. We’ve got what you want right here. We’ve got NASA. We’ve got artfully drawn and anatomically improbable hotties. We’ve got weird video games and we’ve got odd Japanese dating parties. You’re effing welcome. Welcome to Nerd Porn.


Coffin Company Gets Too Sexy With The Sex

Well, the standards and practices offices of many a news site will be working overtime today, as the Catholic Church has condemned a coffin company in Poland for using nude models to show off their wood boxes for dead people.


Rape Accuser Recants Thirteen Years Later

When she was five, a young girl accused a retired police officer in San Antonio of rape. He was convicted. Thirteen years later, she’s recanting her story.

Superstorm Sandy

New Jersey Deploying Military Vehicles to use as Voting Polls

The devastated state will be deploying military trucks and personnel to serve as voting polls in place of the buildings destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Department of Justice trucks will be parked at polling places in New Jersey that have lost power, as long as the sites are still accessible. In place of electronic votes, paper ballots will be


The Official Despicable Me 2 Trailer Released!

The Official Despicable Me 2 trailer was released today, revealing the possible villain for the upcoming sequel! The creators of the much loved animated comedy, Despicable Me, have reported that they will be releasing a sequel in Summer 2013, but the details behind the storyline of the film have been hazy until the release of the official


HBO Orders Stephen Merchant Comedy

Yup! HBO has ordered a pilot from the amazing Stephen Merchant! “Stephen who?”  You might say, then I would scowl at you and say, “Stephen Merchant you know the co-writer of the British version of The Office and Extras, the co-host of The Ricky Gervais Show, and all around hilarious comedian and actor!” To which