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Slender Man: The Real Victim

slender man

For the past few months, Slender Man has been the focal point of most nightmares for gamers. However, according to ADHD, Slendy is just a misunderstood guy.

slender man

A pretty cute song for a terrifying creature/man/animal/monster … I am not sure what Slender Man is.

All we know for sure of Slendy is that he is between six and fifteen feet tall, his eyes and mouth are missing, he is bald and his face is for the most part featureless. He has been depicted in a black suit with either a red or black tie. In some lore he has tentacles but I prefer my Slender Man with just the two hands.

My favorite Slender Man story would have to be the Marble Hornets representation. Although the acting is not the best, they sure know how to make you pee yourself.

I have not played the Slender games or the mainly knock-offs, but the video below is probably my favorite reaction to the Slender game.


What is Slender Man?