So, Uh, You Can Have Virtual Sex, Now

Today in “this wasn’t real already?” a company is developing a virtual sex game for “fully-immersive erotic encounters” after a wildly successful Kickstarter funded the sort of technology they’d like to jack into.

The new company is called Sinful Robot, which is pretty on the nose, if you ask me. They’re producing the game using the Oculus Rift technology. Here’s a preview of that technology:

Co-Founder and creative director of Sinful Robot, Jeronen Van den Bosch, is working through the uncanny valley to deliver a sensory experience that replicates the look and, yes, feel of reality, without pulling the viewer out of the experience, no pun intended pun intended.

Van den Bosch is recruiting animators, programmers, and “anyone who loves working on cutting edge technology and isn’t afraid of working with spicy content.

This is what went through my head just now:

The Oculus Rift project was insanely successful on Kickstarter, only intending to grab $250,000 but instead got $2.4 million. So, yeah, here we go. Virtual sex. That train is never late, you know?


What is your take on the virtual sex industry? Do you think people will jump on the bandwagon or is it just a trend?

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  1. disqus_yaY20fsth5 says:

    shut up & take my money

  2. Doesn’t matter, had (virtual) sex.

  3. icefire27 says:

    Personally im glad this tech is in the works…..cause seriously the kind of ppl that would make heavy use of it probably shouldnt contribute to the gene pool

  4. Harvey Rabbit says:

    I love your shirts. They were a nice cheerful spark to this rainy day.

  5. Forever Alone says: