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Someone Edited Together Every Hobbit Trailer!


YouTube user Joatmonjb has edited together every The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer, chronologically into an 8 minute epic treat!

The trailer combines the “Announcement trailer, Announcement trailer (G), Trailer 1, TV Spot 1 – 7, UK 1 minute TV spot, and Japanese 1 minute TV Spot.” Oh. That’s a lot of trailers!

Sure it’s 8 minutes, and if you’re like me, you’ve seen all of this footage already from the daily, nay hourly re watching of anything Hobbit related, but it’s the perfect refresher and epic “pump-up” leading up to the December 14th premiere of this highly anticipated film.

This fan-edit-trailer-edit-compilation-of-trailers-edited-by-a-fan-in-chronological-order seems to indicate where the first film will end, and possibly where the second will begin (remember they’re making a trilogy out of a book that has around 320 pages, depending on which version you have). Or maybe it doesn’t, for all we know absolutely zero footage has been seen from the last portion of the film, which is likely, but my assumption is the film will end just before our heroes meet the Mirkwood elves. Your guess is as good as mine.

Ok I’m gonna watch the trailer one more time.

Question: Where do you think the first Hobbit film will end?