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Standing Room Only Airplanes a Possibility

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RyanAir CEO Michael O’Leary claims that seat belts on airplanes are “pointless.” and seeks to offer Standing Room Only cabins to budget passengers.

The infamous CEO has been making headlines across the world with his comments on airline policies. Most recently he has been attempting to make standing room only passenger cabins a reality, in which O’Leary called airline authorities “plonkers.”

The cabin would offer tickets at £1 or roughly $1.50 per person, with seats at £25, or roughly $39 dollars. It would also only be available for domestic European flights, and not apply to transcontinental travel.

O’Leary claims that seat belts on planes are pointless citing that high speed trains that travel at 120 mph do not have the same precautions and if they were to crash all the passengers would die anyway.

In a statement O’Leary said:

If there ever was a crash on an aircraft, God forbid, a seat belt won’t save you.

When asked about landings that may be rough or perhaps when planes hit turbulence, the CEO responded saying that the airline would not fly through heavy turbulence areas in Europe. As for landings, he stated:

“We don’t have heavy landings anymore “If you say to someone,’ look, hang onto the handle there, you’re coming in to land’, they’ll be fine. We operate 1500 flights a day. They don’t come skidding in. This is a very routine, safe form of travel. “

O’Leary believes that over the past 50 years aviation has been romanticized into something that it is not, and that planes are just “bloody buses with wings.”

“Most people just want to get from A to B. You don’t want to pay £500 for a flight. You want to spend that money on a nice hotel, apartment or restaurant… “You don’t want to piss it all away at the airport or on the airline.”

RyanAir is known for having a “no frills” policy when it comes to flying, charging passengers to print boarding passes and charging high prices to check in bags.


Would you fly on a Standing Room Only flight? Do you think seat belts on airplanes are pointless?