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Stem Cell Contacts Can Restore Sight!


Today in “whoa,” researchers at the University of Sheffield have unveiled contacts loaded with stem cells that they believe can repair and even restore sight to those with damaged eyes.

It’s a biodegradable implant that’s placed over the cornea. Loaded with stem cells, they then multiple and spread throughout the eye, repairing it with fresh new cells.

It’s designed to treat damage to the cornea, keeping pockets of stem cells to house and protect them, keeping them grouped together so that they can take on damaged portions of the eye at full strength and help to kickstart the eye into healing itself naturally.

When commenting about the discs, Dr. Frederick Claeyssens of the University of Sheffield noted the benefits, that they “believe that the overall treatment using these discs will not only be better than current treatments, it will be cheaper as well.”

This is just one of many stem cell stories that we’ve found — and I’ve compiled a nice little list and breakdown of medical breakthroughs that I find quite fascinating.

  • Scientists Make Stem Cells From Blood —  Yup, they just take a vial of your blood and then make some stem cells out of them. Stem cells made from blood are better because it’s coming from a substance already inside your body, thus making the cells less likely to be rejected by the body.
  • Paralyzed Dogs Walk Again — Through the use of stem cells, dogs with spinal damage now have a treatment to regain their ability to walk.
  • Woman Grows New Ear On Arm — Not a stem cell story, but c’mon. A woman grew a new ear. On her arm. It got reattached and now she’s totally fine.
  • Nobel Prize Winners — See that blood stem cell breakthrough? That was through the work of our Nobel Prize winners, who discovered the technique wherein specialized cells of the body can be reprogrammed into stem cells.

Question: What medical breakthrough has you totally excited? We’re living in the future, right?