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‘STOP White GeNOcide’ Makes You Hate Humanity



A series of petitions were submitted to the White House ‘We the People’ site that ask to halt ‘the massive third world immigration and forced assimilation in White countries’ and to ‘stop the White Genocide in America.’

This will make you hate people.

The video was created around the same time as the petitions were submitted to the ‘We the People’ website. Currently, there are 6 petitions and all submitted by an individual named Albert D. The petitions submitted to site are as follows:

1. STOP WHITE GENOCIDE! Halt MASSIVE third world immigration and FORCED assimilation in White countries!

2. Provide Federal Funds for the Million Name March on Washington, D.C. to STOP WHITE GENOCIDE!

3. Teach public school children the truth: ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE

4. Let White GeNOcide Project give the “national conversation on race” TWO sides: STOP WHITE GENOCIDE!

5. Award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to each Woman in the video “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE”!

6. STOP GENOCIDE of WHITES! Invite Public to White House Screenings of “How Whites Took Over America”!

The video was created by YouTuber Johnny Manstraseed and other members of the website, White Rabbit Radio.

WRR is a website for people seeking answers or looking for others who share their same beliefs that they need to stop forced assimilation in America.

BuzzFeed Blogger Andrew Kaczynski tweeted about the petitions early this morning and he summed it up pretty well.


I honestly had no words when this video played, I was just filled with hate for many reasons.

1. This video was made in the first place.

2. The petitions that were submitted even exist in the first place.

3. The petitions have roughly 200 signatures each

Every time I feel that humanity takes a few steps towards a brighter future I see shit like this and I die a little inside.


What are your thoughts on the video, petitions and the all around movement?