Sunil Tripathi’s Body Found

Sunil Tripathi Thumb


The Rhode Island medical examiner’s office as reported that the body found on Tuesday is in fact former Brown student Sunil Tripathi.

Members of a Brown crew team discovered the body of 22-year-old Sunil Tripathi on Tuesday afternoon in the water off of a city park. 48 hours later the medical examiner determined that the body was in fact the missing college student.

Tripathi’s family has said that he was on leave from Brown and living with a classmate in Providence. They released the following statement this morning:

“On April 23, our beloved Sunil was discovered in the waters off India Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island.

As we carry indescribable grief, we also feel incredible gratitude. To each one of youfrom our hometown to many distant landswe extend our thanks for the words of encouragement, for your thoughts, for your hands, for your prayers, and for the love you have so generously shared.

Your compassionate spirit is felt by Sunil and by all of us.

As these days have shown us, the media is a powerful tool to be used carefully. We hope you continue to exercise caution and treat human lives with delicacy.

This last month has changed our lives forever, and we hope it will change yours too. Take care of one another. Be gentle, be compassionate. Be open to letting someone in when it is you who is faltering. Lend your hand. We need it. The world needs it.

We appreciate the coverage and support, but at this time, we ask for privacy for our family and for our love for Sunny.

With love,
The Tripathi Family”

The cause of death has yet to be determined. Tripathi was originally misidentified as one of the Boston bombers early on in the investigation, which I can only imagine has only brought the family more grief now that it’s been discovered that he passed away.