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Taco Bell Expands!


Stoners around the world rejoice as Taco Bell expands its menu to add “upscale” items and dessert!

The new knock off Chipotle-esque menu items will include new ingredients such as black beans, ‘fire-roasted’ corn salsa, cilantro rice, pico de gallo, and citrus and herb marinated chicken. Also being tested will be a Cantina Burrito Bowl with veggie, steak or chicken options intended to be priced under $5 dollars. The new sides being added at just $1.49 include chip and guacamole, and black beans and rice.

The newest “exciting” item being added are the new wraps dubbed “loaded grillers” which are essentially nachos, chicken, or a baked potato wrapped in a tortilla. The chain also announced that they would be adding a dessert menu as well.


Are you excited for the new menu items that might be offered in your Taco Bell soon enough?