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Amazon Prime Air

Amazon To Begin Drone Delivery!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced it’s new delivery service called Amazon Prime Air on 60 minutes! The delivery service will use unmanned drones to deliver amazon packages to customers, with potential drone drops just 4 or 5 years away. The octocopters will be guided by GPS will look for bright orange Amazon boxes and can


Amazon To Release Book/E-Book Bundles

Amazon has announced they will be launching ‘Amazon Matchbook,’ a service that allows readers to receive a free/discounted e-book versions of books they purchase online. This is currently being tested in the US, but they do plan to expand to Europe. The Matchbook scheme will also be retroactive, meaning any customers who purchased a book

Washington Post

Amazon Is Buying The Washington Post?!

The Washington Post Company has agreed to sell its paper to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for $250 million in cash. The sale effectively ends the Graham family’s ownership of the paper for the past four generations. The deal was made independently of Bezos’ other ventures and is expected to close within just 60 days. Bezos

Amazon Fresh

Amazon To Start Grocery Delivery!?

Amazon has been testing a new service called ‘Amazon Fresh’ for delivering your groceries! The service has been available in the Seattle area for the past five years, and starting next year will be expanding that service to 20 urban areas, starting with LA and San Francisco. New warehouses will be fitted with areas for


Internet Sales Tax Passes in Senate

Last week, we informed you all about the Marketplace Fairness Act and that it was up for a vote in the Senate this week. It has passed with a final vote of 69-27. The final vote was somewhat predictable after the 74-20 procedural vote in the Senate from last week. The bill was mainly opposed

Who has your back banner

Which Tech Companies Will Protect Your Privacy?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its annual “Who Has Your Back” report card for online privacy. When using the internet, you entrust your conversations, status updates, check-ins and inane photos to a bunch of online companies from Google to Facebook. Do these companies comply when the government demands your private information? In this year’s


Amazon Makes Zombieland: The Series

Amazon has released the pilot of Zombieland The Series. If you have an Amazon account you can stream the trailer and pilot episode right now at Amazon.com. It is not the greatest show but it’s not bad either. The show features the same characters, same jokes, and the same humor from the movie. By having


Amazon Barring Authors From Reviewing Books

Amazon reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. And, for the most part, authors are pretty up front about who they are and where they’re coming from when they’re reviewing other authors. Amazon, however, has been deleting and preventing published authors from reviewing others’ works.