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Facebook Phone

Facebook Home and the HTC First Revealed!

Facebook Home and the HTC First Revealed!

Facebook Home and the rumors surrounding the Facebook phone were finally addressed today in a conference held by the social networking company. Facebook Home is a suite of apps and home screen replacement for Android phones. It replaces your lock screen with a Cover Feed that prioritizes updates from your friends and family instead of


World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock!

Do you have a habit of hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock every morning? This alarm clock app for iOS and Android devices will make sure you will never again sleep through an alarm.


Minuum: The Keyboard for Big Fingers

Ever feel like the keyboard on your smartphone just takes up too much space? Well then, the Minuum keyboard is just the thing you need!

Crazy Blind Date

OkCupid Launches Crazy Blind Date App?!

The popular dating site has launched a standalone app called Crazy Blind Date for iPhones that matches up singles on dates in their vicinity. This Grindr-esque app was launched by OKCupid in an effort to pull people away from their computer and get them to meet face-to-face. The app firsts asks you to sign up


Google Play Store Takes Away Anonymity from Reviewers

Google is now merging its Play Store with Google+ forcing public reviews to feature your name and profile photo. In an attempt to improve the quality of the reviews on its Play Store, Google has removed the element of anonymity by requiring users to post their reviews of apps and games from their Google+ account.


75% of Phones Worldwide are running Android

3/4 of the smartphones around the world are now running on Google’s Android operation system. This means that Android now accounts for roughly 75% of the market for smartphone OS’s, bringing it up from the 52.5% it was at last year. Some are attributing a large amount of that gain to Samsung which has sold


PSP Emulator on Android

This week, the PSP emulator PPSSPP, became available in the Google Play market in early beta stage, version 0.2.  The cool thing that sets this emulator apart from the rest is that it actually works (so far) thanks to it’s focus on timing and that it can be ported on multiple platforms, including Linux or


Google ARG

It’s time for some Nerd Porn, and this one is going to really mess me up inside. I am a child of ILoveBees. I went nuts over the Valve ARG. And yes, I have design documents of my own in the mix. And now Google has begun its own ARG (Alternate Reality Game.) You might not see



CHRONO TRIGGER ON YOUR ANDROID!!! The best frickin’ game EVER is now available to please all your sensory spots straight from your Android!  All it takes is $9.99 and you’ll download the the chance, no, the inalienable right to join the ranks of Chrono, Marle, Lucca, Frog, Robo, Ayla, and if you so choose, Magus.

Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review So one of the benefits of going Android when choosing a phone is that you have a plethora of devices to choose from.  Each new toy is bigger and better than the last (or smaller and better whatever your size preference may be) and as much as I was craving


X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment

X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment Microsoft is unleashing it’s SmartGlass app for the X-Box 360 this Friday. The free app acts as a tether for all of your mobile devices, syncing them to your X-Box 360 seamlessly and making communication between them a breeze.