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Court Orders Anonymous Yelp Users to be Identified

Court Orders Anonymous Yelp Users to be Identified

A U.S. court has ordered for anonymous Yelp users to be identified after looking into the case of a carpet cleaner who claimed his negative reviews didn’t come from real customers. The court said anonymous users of the site were not protected by the First Amendment, if the review is based on a false statement.

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Steubenville Anonymous Guy Raided By FBI!

The leader of the online campaign that gave the Steubenville rape case national attention has been raided by the FBI. The world became aware of the atrocity that took place in Steubenville in large part because of hactivist group Anonymous’ involvement in raising awareness about the case. Members of the group organized digital and real-life


Anonymous Calls For Internet Black Out

Like the black out on January 18th that was called last year to protest SOPA and PIPPA, Anonymous has called for an internet black out to protest CISPA. In the wake of last week’s passage of the controversial bill CISPA (cyber intelligence sharing and protection act) by the House of Representatives, hacking group Anonymous has


The Steubenville Rape Trial Starts Today! [UPDATE]

The trial of the two Steubenville High School rapists begins today.


Aaron Swartz, Co-Founder of Reddit Dead at 26

Aaron Swartz, Co-founder of Reddit and Demand Progress, an online activist group, committed suicide Friday in his New York City apartment at age 26.


Google Play Store Takes Away Anonymity from Reviewers

Google is now merging its Play Store with Google+ forcing public reviews to feature your name and profile photo. In an attempt to improve the quality of the reviews on its Play Store, Google has removed the element of anonymity by requiring users to post their reviews of apps and games from their Google+ account.


Guy Fawkes Banned in Canada?

Today is Guy Fawkes Day and the masks are out and about already with Anonymous and it’s affiliates protesting worldwide against government surveillance. As per usual, supporters will be donning the mask in solidarity with their ‘anonymous’ brothers but for the first time the masks will be illegal to wear in Canada. The ban on masks are


Anonymous finds Amanda Todd’s Bully

A 30 year old former Facebook employee has been accused by the hacktivist group Anonymous for allegedly harassing and leaking the nude photos that led teen Amanda Todd to commit suicide.