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New Red Band TV Spot for ‘This Is the End’

New Red Band TV Spot for ‘This Is the End’

A new Red Band TV Spot for ‘This Is The End’ has aired and we get a peek at just what the Apatow clan is up against. June 12th can not come soon enough! Nation If you had to choose, would you rather see ‘This is The End’ or ‘The World’s End’?


Canada Has a Bright, Zombie-Free Future

A recording of a Canada’s House of Commons meeting has picked up some viral popularity recently. Why you may ask? They discuss the possibility of a zombie apocalypse and Canada’s preparedness.


Durex’s End of the World Sex Ads (SFW)

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your last day on Earth?


Cloned Dogs Rioting In New York (And Puppy Pics)

It’s begun. I’m all for scientific breakthroughs, but there are times when science is just plain wrong. Two cloned dogs are, according to residents, terrorizing Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and are never leashed in public.