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Which is Worse: Birth V.S. Kick to the Balls?

Which is Worse: Birth V.S. Kick to the Balls?

Youtuber AsapScience posted a video that will finally put an end to the age-old question. Which is more painful: Childbirth or a kick to the balls? Lets take a look! I think it would have to be a kick to the balls … but hey, I am a bit biased. QUESTION: Which do you think


Idiots Being Idiots: Underwear Bungee Jumping

I miss the good ole’ days when idiots would give you wedgies with just their hands. You would be in pain for a while and you would have to awkwardly readjust your underwear, but these idiots have taken wedgies to a whole new level!


Insane Japanese Jugglers will Blow Your Mind!

We all know that Japan likes to take it to 11, and these Japanese jugglers have proven to be nothing less than that.


Harry Styles Gets Hit in the Balls!

One Direction Pop Star Harry Styles had not one but TWO shoes thrown at him, however it was the second one that hit home. During a concert on Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland, Harry Styles and One Direction bandmates bantered with fans during a break. Suddenly a wild shoe appeared! The shoe was then picked up


Sexy Nightmare-Inducing Nutcrackers (SNSFW)

Dear God! There are mannequins are coming for you in your sleep and they’re armed with nutcrackers in their crotches! I’m not sure if I should be aroused or scared!  


Johnny Knoxville’s Trick Nut Shots

Johnny Knoxville from the infamous Jackass and Nitro Circus series, brings us a ‘test-acular’ compilation of some hilarious nut shots with a basketball.


Donald Trump + Steven Colbert + Barack Obama = Hilarity!

For the past week Donald Trump has been publicizing that he has information on President Barack Obama that would be very damaging to his campaign but as it turns out the news was mostly about Donald Trump.