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Daniel Day Lewis

Steven Spielberg Presents: Obama

Steven Spielberg Presents: Obama

Steven Spielberg is in the midst of creating the greatest biopic ever with his new film: Obama. On the heels of Lincoln, the famed director has taken up his most ambitious project yet with his newest film: Obama. The film will star Spielberg’s go-to method actor, Daniel Day Lewis. It’s impeccable how Lewis gets into


Celebrities Have Fake Twitter Followers?!

According to sites like Socialbaker and Fake Follower Check a number of celebrities twitter followers are fake. Recently it came out that many of Justin Bieber’s beliebers were in fact be-liars since more than half of the pop stars twitter followers were fake or dummy accounts. 16.7 million of the accounts that follow Bieber were


Best Moments from the 2013 Inauguration

President Barack Obama was officially inaugurated into his second term, and there were some amazing images that resulted from this historic day. Joe Biden looks very….somber…during Beyonce’s delivery of the Star Spangled Banner. Malia shows us that everyday she’s shuffling. John Boehner apparently said something that the first lady didn’t  particularly care for. Red Fedora


Puerto Rico as 51st State?!

Puerto Rico voted on becoming a State yesterday during the election and for the first time people voted in favor of statehood. The citizens of the U.S. Territory were polled about potential statehood in two questions. Voters rejected their current status as a U.S. commonwealth by a 54% to 46% margin in the first question.

Mitt Romney

Unemployment Hits 4-Year Low, Romney Unimpressed

Debates who?! After an unimpressive performance during Wednesday night’s Presidential debates, Barack Obama has just received some good news. The unemployment rate has dropped below 8%, clocking it at 7.8%. This is big news for a guy called out for a lack of job creation over his term as President. So it seems that Barack Obama