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Channel of the Week: Shots of Awe

Shots of Awe is a series based on the philosophical rantings of author Jason Silva, and jumps off the supposition; our ability to awe was biologically selected for by evolution to imbue humanity with a sense of significance. According to the thesis presented by psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, the ability to awe lends our species the

How Base-Jumping Is Changing

Epic base-jumper Espen Fadnes discusses how the sport of base-jumping has changed, for the better and for the worst. Base-jumping has become insanely popular thanks to camera systems like GoPro, but the explosion of videos of the extreme sport has led to more dangerous stunts. It also has led to innovation and creativity in how

Beautiful Video About What Is Wrong With Our Culture

This thought-provoking 5 minute video utilizes amazing audio from the late-great Alan Watts to illustrate what is wrong with our culture. What is the point of life if you’re not really living it? Alan Watts talks about how we run home to passively watch the imitation of life on a TV screen. Coupled with footage

operation smile

The Gift of Singing: An Operation Smile Story

Operation Smile uploaded this inspirational video of the story of a woman whose life drastically changed for the better. Her name is Chadleen and she was one of the many children who benefitted from Operation Smile. NATION Do you have a favorite charity? If so, which is it and why?

Breakup Requiem for Romance

Breakup Beautifully Animated As A Kung Fu Fight!

A breakup can seem like a battle in and of itself, and this gorgeous animation by Vimeo creator Jonathan Ng illustrates the tug of war some breakups can be. The dripping watercolor animation shows just how words can hit just as hard as punches during a breakup. The short entitled Requiem for Love brings to


Being Ugly Isn’t Bad [OPINION]

YouTuber karakamos pointed out that being ugly or considering yourself as ugly isn’t a bad thing. Accepting yourself for who you are and what you look like shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, even if you consider yourself something that is thought of as negative such as being ugly or being fat. Inherently being alive


Juggling Around Iceland!

YouTuber thatjugglerguy took a little vacation to the wonderland known as Iceland, and cataloged his journey by juggling at all the famous sites he visited. Juggling around the beautiful island nation of Iceland … sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend your vacation.

Young and Beautiful

Gorgeous Cover of Young and Beautiful by Mandy

Mandy, of Savvy and Mandy, has recorded a gorgeous cover of Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful. SavvyMandy’s channel features duel vocalists Savvy and Mandy. The latter of the two recorded this fantastic cover of Young and Beautiful by artist Lana Del Ray. The soft sounding song was created for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, released


Amazing Animated Short Created by One Man?!

R´ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo. This amazing animated short was created by 22 year-old Kaleb Lechowski. The beautifully animated short is titled Rha, and looks gorgeous for only having a single animator working on it for 7 short months. The story centers around an alien creature known as Rha, that is being


Brittany Palmer is a Beautiful Stretcher

Brittany Palmer, a UFC octagon girl, did a photoshoot with FHM and shows off how she is a beautiful stretcher! Sup Nation! We here at Sourcefed thought it was time for you to get a little dose of some Sexy Time News! We put together a little gallery for you guys of the always sexy