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Bryan Cranston’s Darkside is Back!

Bryan Cranston is back in this short film by Brandon Polanco entitled Writer’s Block. The film comes from an opportunity that was offered by Cranston to the production assistants on the set of Cold Comes The Night, to create a script, and if he liked the story, he would then star in the project. Mr.

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Aaron Paul’s Meteorite Prank!

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul spent some time with the Bushmills team and recounts the story of a prank he played on his friend Dave! This is what happens when you get an amateur astronomer excited about meteorites in his backyard! What’s the best prank you’ve ever played on a friend?

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Meet the Real Walter White!!

VICE takes a look into the life of the real life Walter White, a former construction worker and producer of meth. The real life Walter White learned to cook the best meth from man in Oklahoma and refined the process. VICE follows him as he describes everything and even visited his former lab! It’s interesting


The Breaking Bad Ending You Always Knew You Wanted!

So, let’s just start off with the obligatory **SPOILERS** tag when dealing with anything Breaking Bad related. No, there aren’t really any spoilers in this fantastic skit between Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek portraying their beloved Malcolm in the Middle characters. It just seems when dealing with anything Breaking Bad, spoiler warnings are always needed

The States With The Most Meth Labs Revealed!

Huffington Post created this amazing infographic to show us which states are breaking bad! The chart breaks down states with the most incidents involving meth, meth labs, and meth paraphernalia dump sites. A popular new and incredibly dangerous method known as ‘shake and bake’ has increased the incidence of meth related accidents. Sometimes the bottle

Praise Castiel! Supernatural Fans Get Season 8!

As reported on WebProNews, Supernatural fans finally get to catch up on the current season on Netflix starting October 3rd! Other fan-geared shows like New Girl and Breaking Bad are also newly available to the site. Fans are anticipating the launch of other shows like American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy to become viewable

Breaking Bad Sale

Breaking Bad Props Being Auctioned!

Breaking Bad is coming to a close, and Sony Pictures has put over 200 props from the series up for auction as a final Goodbye to The Heisenberg. Bids start at just a few bucks for trinkets from around the set like Walter’s home door lock to $5,000 for Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair. Right now the


Outrage Over Breaking Bad Lego-Like Play Set?!

As if it were channelling the love of Lego/Breaking Bad fans all over the world, Toy company Citizen Brick created several Breaking Bad play sets that have reportedly ‘sparked an outrage’ on Twitter. The 500-piece set has all of the paraphernalia used in the series, essentially encompassing everything a fan could want can be found

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Breaking Bad Fans Suing Apple?!

A man in Ohio has filed a lawsuit against Apple for not including all 16 episodes of Breaking Bad in its “Season Pass” for the show. The class action lawsuit filed in San Jose, California claims the company owes him and other Breaking Bad fans $22.99 for engaging in false advertising. Apple provided only 8


Bryan Cranston Isn’t Lex Luthor in Man of Steel Sequel

It was rumored that Bryan Cranston would be portraying Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel alongside Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, but sadly it was a hoax. When approached about the possibility of playing Luthor in the sequel, Cranston told reporters, ‘Give me a call. I like Lex Luthor.’ The little soundbite turned

Breaking Bad Meth

Breaking Bad Theme Played With Meth Equipment?!

Breaking Bad’s final episodes are finally being aired on AMC, and YouTuber Andrew Huang was challenged to create the theme using meth lab equipment. Huang accepted the challenge and knocked it out of the park! Check it out! Nation What TV theme do you think should be played using it’s own props? Let us know