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10 American Accents in Two Minutes – Nailed It!

10 American Accents in Two Minutes – Nailed It!

This man is one of the best dialect coaches in the UK! Stand back and be blown away by his expertise!


An American Making Brits Feel Awkward

Alright, so it’s a bit of a stereotype, but the prim and proper ‘stiff upper lip’ persona has to have some truth to it, right? This vid is both unbelievably awkward and also, outstandingly adorable.


Emma Frain: Instagram Hottie of the Day

It feels like it has been an eternity since we last did a sexy gallery, I think I was going into sexy withdraws! Don’t fret, Emma Frain will save the day! Emma Frain: supermodel, sports science student, Instagram model. Ms. Frain is a 26-year-old British glamour model who just exudes sexiness. Sadly, she only has


Richard Branson Loses Bet, Dons Dress

Richard Branson lost a bet to billionaire Tony Fernandes back in 2010, and repaid his debt this past weekend. Branson and Fernandes bet that whomever’s Formula One team lost in a race, the owner of that team would have to dress as a female flight attendant and serve on the winner’s airline. As you can


Magic Mushrooms May Help Cure Depression

British neuroscientists are looking to use chemicals found in magic mushrooms as a means to fight depression, but are currently fighting an up-hill battle with the government.

helen flanagan

Is Helen Flanagan the Next Kate Upton?

Helen Flanagan may be the the UK’s version of Kate Upton! The popular UK actress, Helen Flanagan, is most well known for her role on the British soap opera Coronation Street. Most recently, she was on the popular UK reality show, ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’ Back to some sexy type


Mellisa Clarke: Instagram Hottie of the Day

Meet Mellisa Clarke, the winner of the the Sun’s Page 3 Idol 2013 Competition.


Kate Middleton’s Pregnant! (And Still Hot)

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and all-around royal hottie, is totally preggers now. Good job, Wills! So in honor of that, I’m pulling up a bunch of photos of Kate looking hotter than anyone on Maxim. And possibly just some hot British women. I’m going to play this by ear.