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Police Officers To Wear Cameras When On Duty?!

Minneapolis Police Officers will begin wearing body cameras starting in 2014, to ensure the safety of both the officers and the public. The plan will have 500 officers wearing cameras by next year, with 25 officers testing them right away. The yearly cost for the plan would be roughly $310,000 to get the mini-cameras for


Russian Dash Cams Capture Good Deeds

We, here at SourceFed, have highlighted a number of Russian dash cam videos where people have either hurt themselves/others or are just being plain stupid. Now, YouTuber ArkadiYM93 has thrown together a compilation of dash cam captured good deeds, redeeming Mother Russia, at least for five minutes anyway. Take a look! QUESTION: When was the last

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Judge Rules Warrant-less Surveillance of Private Property Acceptable

U.S. District Judge William Griesbach ruled that it was reasonable for DEA agents to enter a rural property without obtaining a search warrant in order to install several hidden digital surveillance cameras in hopes of uncovering evidence that 30-40 marijuana plants were being grown. This ruling means that police can now, in some circumstances, install