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Pink NFL Gear Doesn’t Donate Much to Cancer

According to Business Insider, the NFL’s line of pink accessories and equipment up for sale, whose proceeds are allegedly for Breast Cancer Awareness, does not give very much to the cause the gear represents. Data obtained by ESPN’s Darren Rovell shows that the NFL takes 25% of the royalty from the wholesale price and donates


Ed Sheeran Would Be Proud of This Video

YouTuber kylehanagami made a promise that with every 10 letters he received from fans, he would match it with $1 that would go to cancer research and release a new dance video as a thank you. Fans sent in 14,146 letters, and in return kylehanagami donated the funds and uploaded this amazing dance video. Check it out! Ed Sheeran

Talia Castellano

Youtuber Talia Castellano Has Passed Away

13 year old Talia Castellano passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. Inspiring teen became famous after making a series of make up tutorials she posted regularly on YouTube. Talia Castellano was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2007, and valiantly fought the disease through two aggressive relapses. While undergoing treatment, Talia used YouTube as a pillar


Boobstagram: Mission Save the Ta-Ta’s (NSFW)

Boobstagram was created to shed awareness on breast cancer in the most awesome way possible, with photos of ta-ta’s from around the world! The blog was created in order to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention by asking young women who are comfortable with unconventional messages to participate in the attempt to change the behavior of

Zach Guillot

Christian Bale Cheers Up Cancer Patient

Bale spent ten minutes talking with leukemia patient Zach Guillot about the little’s ones favorite thing in the world: Batman Zach Guillot was diagnosed with leukemia when he was in Pre-K. Years later through the tough battle with the disease he grew to love and admire his favorite super hero: Batman. After hearing about the love this

Squeezing Boobs prevents breast cancer 1

Squeezing Breasts Can Prevent Cancer?!

According to new research, a little squeeze may be all that is needed to prevent malignant breast cells from triggering cancer. Experiments have shown that applying physical pressure guides cells back to a normal growth pattern. The leading member of the research team at the University of California in Berkeley, Gautham Venugopalan has stated: “People