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Hot Car

Man Proves Babies and Dogs Are Just Whining By Locking Himself in a Car on a Hot Day

Man Proves Babies and Dogs Are Just Whining By Locking Himself in a Car on a Hot Day

Mike B locks himself in a car to prove that babies and dogs cannot be trusted to ‘not die’ while locked in a hot car!


Here’s Your Worldstar Vertical Video of the Day!

A man, presumably on something, was caught on camera imitating GTA V and hit 6 parked cars, 2 houses, and a person!

Pick up

Guys Picks Up Girls With His Car and Not a Single Word Spoken

Oh for fraks sake — are you serious? Fellow ladies, don’t ever get into a car just because the car is cool. For all you know he’s a rich serial killer!

High Elf

High Elf on Acid Attacks Woman’s Car With Sword

A woman called Portland police at 7 a.m. claiming a pirate was attacking her car, but police discovered a man who claimed to be a “high elf”.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 12.03.48 PM

Homemade Batmobile Up For Auction!

This stunning re-creation of the Michael Keaton Batmobile will blow your socks off! The fan-made car is heading up for auction and is expected to sell for roughly $180,000 dollars! It even has fire coming out of the tailpipe! What would give to drive this car for five minutes? Tell us in the comments down

Car Cannot Escape Parking Lot?!

In 4 minutes of the most cringe-worthy footage ever, this car attempts to escape a simple parking lot, but the driver just can’t see the way out. This best part is about a minute or so into it, another car tries to exit as well, but stays to watch the blue car driver’s shenanigans. Have

BREAKING: Shot Fired Outside The Capitol Building

Reuters is reporting several shots were fired outside the Capitol Building in Washington. Initial reports are stating that several people are allegedly injured including a law enforcement officer, a Senate aide, and a Capitol police officer. According to NBC’s live news feed, this is not being treated as an active shooting. The building remains on

Range Rover Hits Motorcycle, Bikers Attack Driver [UPDATED]

A startling video hit the internet over the weekend, when a Range Rover accidentally hits a motorcyclist is attacked and runs over several more bikers in the process of fleeing. The video shows the SUV bumping into a motorcycle that stopped in front of him. As a result, the other riders around him began to

Dick Van Dyke Car Fire

Dick Van Dyke Rescued From Burning Car!

Actor Dick Van Dyke has a close call on a California freeway when his car caught fire. Luckily, bystanders stopped and helped him get out of his car before it burnt to a crisp. Van Dyke and his wife both tweeted about the incident, and Arlene Van Dyke even shot a vine of the burned


How To Make Speed Dating More Extreme

I have never been the biggest fan of dating. I always wished there was a way to make the whole experience more exciting. Renault BeLux created an awesome commercial that makes me want to make up a new form of speed dating. Check it out! NATION What is your most memorable date?


Motorcyclist Saves Mug Off Moving Car

Talented motorcyclist and YouTuber Bossaucey posted a video of him saving a mug from falling off the back of a moving car and then passing it off to the driver without pulling over! NATION Have you ever wanted to own a motorcycle?


The Future is Now: Drivable Recliners!

I’m sorry America! There aren’t any flying cars or teleportation devices, but there are drivable La-Z-Boy recliners! There isn’t any information available on what exactly is happening in this video, but this looks like the first step to those floating recliners on the starship in Wall-E.


Superman Impersonator Loses His Cool!

One should always try their best to avoid celebrity impersonators in Hollywood, some of them can be a bit unstable. A video of a Superman impersonator has surfaced and it is quite shocking to see his reaction to not being tipped. (Be sure to watch to the very end!) And this is why I always