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Catholic Church Offering Indulgences On Twitter

Catholic Church Offering Indulgences On Twitter

In a last ditch attempt to stay relevant on social networks, the Vatican is offering one of it’s oldest traditions: indulgences. Indulgences granted by the church reduce the time believers would spend in purgatory after they have confessed and have been absolved of their sins. The tradition had a particularly bad reputation, because in the


What You Should Know about Pope Francis

1.2 billion Catholics awaited with bated breath on Wednesday when finally a plume of white smoke emerged over the Vatican. A new pope chosen, and he has taken the name Francis Pope Francis, the first from the America’s, is from Argentina. His name is Jorge Bergoglio, and this morning led the first morning prayer as


Coffin Company Gets Too Sexy With The Sex

Well, the standards and practices offices of many a news site will be working overtime today, as the Catholic Church has condemned a coffin company in Poland for using nude models to show off their wood boxes for dead people.