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Jim Gordon

‘Gotham’ Trailer Released!

‘Gotham’ Trailer Released!

The highly anticipated Jim Gordon following TV series got its first trailer and we cannot wait until the series premieres!


Bane Outtakes!

YouTube channel Auralnauts has created this fantastically dubbed over video of hilarious Bane outtakes from The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, it’s eight minutes and worth every second of your time. Slight spoiler alert to those of you who live under a rock and have not seen TDKR yet. My favorite part begins at 4:43. “I’m


Get Your Nerd On!

All right, nerds. Listen up. We’ve got what you want right here. We’ve got NASA. We’ve got artfully drawn and anatomically improbable hotties. We’ve got weird video games and we’ve got odd Japanese dating parties. You’re effing welcome. Welcome to Nerd Porn.