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The Greatest Split You Will Ever See!

Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in this epic ad for Volvo trucks that rivals most Superbowl commercials! The video is clearly playing backwards, but that doesn’t make the split he does any less insane! Do you think there are any hidden wires, or is Van Damme actually risking his life?


French Horse Racing Commercial Pokes Fun at Tragedies

One of France’s popular horse racing groups, PMU, has released a number of commercials¬†with the tagline, ‘You Like to Bet’ that are on the darker side of comedy. Take for example, one of their commercials based on the Titanic. Check it out! I’m not sure that any of the commercials could air in the United


Time Travelling With Mercedes Collision Prevention

A group of student filmmakers pose the question: What would the world have been like if Mercedes Collision Prevention systems would have been around in the past? They hilariously answer that question in the awesome practice promotional spot above. I wish this was a real Mercedes commercial! Nation If you could go back in time


How To Make Speed Dating More Extreme

I have never been the biggest fan of dating. I always wished there was a way to make the whole experience more exciting. Renault BeLux created an awesome commercial that makes me want to make up a new form of speed dating. Check it out! NATION What is your most memorable date?