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Justin Biebers

White House Petition To Deport Bieber Hits 100,000

White House Petition To Deport Bieber Hits 100,000

The WhiteHouse.org petition to deport Justin Bieber has reached 100,000 signatures, and now the White House must reply. The petition was started after Bieber was arrested for drunk driving and drag racing last week. The petition states: “We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of


Victim Takes Shotgun from Armed Robber

Crazy footage has surfaced of a victim stealing his attackers shotgun and chasing after him. Check out this video of the shotgun-weilding attacker from a near by CCTV camera! The victim chased his attacker for a good while but sadly he got away. The victim stated he was a approached by two men in a


‘The Purge’ Official Trailer Released!

The first official trailer for the new thriller ‘The Purge’ is here!


Mugger Who Wore His Frat Jersey to the Crime Caught

Rule number one of committing a crime: do not wear anything with your name on it. Because the Internet may get a hold of the footage from the crime. You won’t like the Internet when we’re angry.

internet idiot

Criminal Posts Bank Robbery Details on YouTube

  Recently there seems to be a flood of people posting stupid things on the Internet. Granted, there are a lot of stupid things posted to the Internet, but most recently people have been been especially idiotic with their posts. Like a few months ago, a teenage boy was arrested for posting a video of


New York’s Got A Serial Killer

A .22 caliber handgun is the only thing people are going on to connect three different murders happening in New York City. Three business owners have been murdered in similar ways.


Oh, Florida. You So Crazy

Apparently my use of the word “cray” somehow limits my credibility, so I won’t use it. But seriously. Florida’s pretty cray crazy. Here are a few stories about Florida that show just how cray crazy they are. Or maybe they just don’t have a lot to do, but they should.  I mean, when we were


Rape Accuser Recants Thirteen Years Later

When she was five, a young girl accused a retired police officer in San Antonio of rape. He was convicted. Thirteen years later, she’s recanting her story.


Young Boy On Trial For Killing Neo-Nazi Father

A now-12 year old boy is currently on trial for shooting his father in the head when he was 10. The kicker? His father was a fervent neo-Nazi. 


Bone Smugglers And Harmony

I wanna be a smuggler of dinosaur bones. This man, Eric Prokopi, 38, of Gainesville, Florida, has been living my dream. A life of luxury, of excitement, intrigue. And then also dinosaurs. Or dinosaur bones. Which is the best we’ll get because we can’t clone them ever.

Man Arrested In Plot To Blow Up 48 Churches

Gregory Arthur Weiler II is a douche. Police have just arrested him under suspicions of blowing up churches. How many churches, you say? Forty-eight? Okay, Let me revise: Gregory Arthur Weiler II is a megadouche.