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The DEA Is Covering Up Use Of NSA Programs!

The DEA Is Covering Up Use Of NSA Programs!

According to Reuters, despite assuring that programs such as PRISM would be used only for terrorism it appears the Drug Enforcement Administration has been using the information to launch criminal investigations. The DEA’s secretive Special Operations Division has been using the data to prosecute US citizens for drug crimes, and even more upsetting is that

Student Daniel Chong - in Zelle vergessen

Student Left In Cell Gets $4 Million!

Daniel Chong was arrested while visiting a friend whose home was raided. Although he was not charged, he was left in a DEA holding cell for 4 days without food or water. Chong drank his own urine to stay alive and even attempted to write a farewell message to his mother in his own blood.

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Judge Rules Warrant-less Surveillance of Private Property Acceptable

U.S. District Judge William Griesbach ruled that it was reasonable for DEA agents to enter a rural property without obtaining a search warrant in order to install several hidden digital surveillance cameras in hopes of uncovering evidence that 30-40 marijuana plants were being grown. This ruling means that police can now, in some circumstances, install


Feds Bust Multimillion-Dollar Illegal Pot Operation In California

One would think that with the medical marijuana laws in California, that people would get that you didn’t have to do this sort of thing illegally. Guess some folks just don’t learn.