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Death Penalty Requested in Afghan Massacre Case

Death Penalty Requested in Afghan Massacre Case

U.S Army Prosecutors are requesting the death penalty for Sergeant Robert Bales for the massacre of 16 Afghan villagers. In March, Sergeant Robert Bales allegedly massacred 16 innocent Afghan villagers. During the course of the pre-trial hearing prosecutors described the act as heinous an despicable. They also recommended that based of the brutality and nature


Uganda to Pass Kill the Gays Bill

Uganda’s infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill will pass before 2013. The bill, designed to persecute the gay population across the country is being put to vote before the end of the year, according to the Speaker of the Parliament Rebecca Kadaga. If the bill should pass, same-sex relationships will fall into two classes of offense: Aggravated Homosexuality

California Voters Participate In The State's Pivotal Primary

Props And Ballot Measures Across The Nation

Along with the presidential election (as well as House and Senate races), there were a number of different ballot measures, initiatives, constitutional amendments, etc. that voters had to make decisions on. Let’s round them up.